2021 TIF 徵件藝術家 020 YiJie Chen 陳依婕

◆ 020. YiJie Chen 陳依婕 / FB:YiJie Chen 陳依婕/ IG:yijiechen.art

YiJie Chen (陳依婕) 是一位榮獲國際獎項肯定的自由職業插畫師。因抵擋不了對於創作的浪漫衝動,而走上大器晚成的藝術創作一途。她於英國愛丁堡藝術學院取得插畫碩士學位。作品描繪著形色個性鮮明的人物,透過其肢體與表情絲毫地流露情感。遊樂園般歡樂的用色與場景描述著後資本主義下人淪為商品本身。偏好自然媒材的筆觸質地與電繪的交織結合。作品於世界各地展出。

YiJie Chen is an award winning freelance illustrator from Taiwan. She graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland, with a MFA in Illustration. Her works express an evocative tone of distinctive surrealism with delicate textures of line and colour. She enjoys making images with a juxtaposition of tranquility and richness, rationality and emotion. Her works are joyful as the colors and scenario in amusement parks, while they creepily talk about people become products in the post-consumerism.



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