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嗨 我是帕皮吉
真實的生活有酸甜、有苦辣。遇到焦慮鬱悶的時刻,試著用滿滿的色彩填滿生活吧!生活中的每一個當下都可以用不同的顏色去抒發。難過的事情太苦了,透過班尼尼熊和好吃的增添一點甜甜的感覺吧!品牌名可以唸作 u-ugly-doodle,意思是你醜塗鴉。當遇見不如意的事情時,一起大聲說:「你才醜,我們這麼可愛,不要打擾我們。」

Hello I’m Poppy
Life is full of ups and downs. Though not every moment is be perfect, we can still express our feelings through colors! Surround yourself with bright and positive colors. Let Bennny the bear heal you layback soul. Why @UUglydoodle? My brand @UUglydoodle is pronounced as ‘U-Ugly-doodle’. In every gloomy moments, yell out: “U’re Ugly! We are way out of your league! Leave us alone!”

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