2021 TIF 徵件藝術家 039 Katherine Kreates

◆  039. Katherine Kreates / FB: Katherine Kreates / IG: katherine_kreates

Katherine Yang 從小就是一個夜貓。燈一關,腦袋就會開始胡思亂想,進入一個無止盡的黑洞,呈現出心裡一幕幕的寫照。她的作品用開心的的人物與喜悅的顏色以表達讓人沈思的觀點與想法是她的作品特色。

Katherine Yang is an illustrator, designer, and a night owl. Her whimsical, colorful looking illustrations are visual representations of her battling with her obsessive intrusive thoughts, which always gets out of control at night. Katherine is a recent graduate from Parsons the New School of Design, class of 2020.