2021 TIF 徵件藝術家 038 浪漫人 Langmanren

◆  038. 浪漫人 Langmanren / FB: 浪漫人/ IG: woxowart


Establisher of “ Langmanren”, Helen, defines “romance” as same as Romanticism. “Langman” (浪漫)doesn’t literally mean “romantic” in Chinese, but the spirit of persistent, fearless, and dreaming for creation. Langmanren started up on Facebook since 2016. The intention of Langmanren is continuous innovative creation, which the creation always inspired by daily feelings. Langmanren has joined holiday market, creator bazaar since 2017 which diverse the creative model and products. The collection extend from illustration, stickers, badge, decorations, to mural, paper art, and ceramic art etc. Besides the collections, Helen has created lots of characters to spread idea and has made art easier in popular. Langmanren is building its own creating worldview and discovering different method to express art. To be international and introduce Taiwanese original creation to the world, Langmanren keeps on developing diversified and innovative creative methods.

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