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WOOSAH!yeah studio是我在地球的太空車,我常藉由它享受這個世界尋找有趣又酷的人事物,再利用自己的畫筆轉換成有趣多面向的故事,呈現在大家眼前希望讓喜歡的人都能擁有,也想在短暫的生命裡留下一點自己的痕跡。如果有收聽到這則留言請努力記得我並且趕緊搭上我的太空車一起體驗…#$%^&*…我創造有趣又怪奇的新宇宙…

“Yeah Studio” being my Earth spaceship, always helps me, explore the world and some interesting stuff. After that, turning these experiences into many multi-faceted stories, which will be presented to the public and for those who adore also possess. I wonder to leave my footprint and record every step of my short life. If you hear this message, please try to remember me and get on my ship enjoying together… #$%^&*… I create a new and mind blown universe…

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