2021 TIF 邀請藝術家 劉正堃 Abei Liu

◆ 劉正堃 Abei Liu / IG: aaaaabei MASKBOY系列開始於2014年末。MASKBO […]

劉正堃 Abei Liu / IG: aaaaabei

MASKBOY系列經過了7年來地持續進行,我希望把MASKBOY的世界觀拓展開來,藉此發展出“MASK FAM”系列。MASKBOY則是在MASK FAM裡的一員。讓整個系列更聚焦在面具後的載體變化,就像一個面具家族那樣,裡面有更多樣的成員,也可以有更多的創作樣貌呈現。
這次整體主題圍繞著“IS EVERYTHING OK? Hua Hua”的漫畫封面畫作作品,畫面故事說的是MASKBOY與Hua Hua的第一次相遇。接著以“MASK BIG BOY” 與“Hua Hua IN HAND”兩件大型充氣立體作品,把角色立體化帶入真實的世界裡,也延伸故事的後續想像.另外,這次也帶來了“Hua Hua”的立體公仔作品(限量100個),除了讓大家可以收藏外,也期望大家可以把故事帶回家,各自發展。

MASKBOY series started at the end of 2014. Maskboy is not a specific character. MASKBOY can be any living being to me, can be you or me. So the personality of MASKBOY changes and enriches with the life behind the mask.
MASKBOY series has been continuously carried out for 7 years. I hope to expand the MASKBOY worldview and develop the “MASK FAM” series. MASKBOY is a member of MASK FAM. Let the entire series focus more on the carrier changes behind the mask, just like a mask family, there are more diverse members, and more creative appearances can be presented.
The overall theme this time is around the comic cover artwork “IS EVERYTHING OK? Hua Hua”. The story tells about the first encounter between MASKBOY and Hua Hua. Then with two large inflatable three-dimensional works “MASK BIG BOY” and “Hua Hua IN HAND”, the three-dimensional characters are brought into the real world, and the subsequent imagination of the story is also extended. I also brought a three-dimensional figure of “Hua Hua” (edition of 100), in addition to allowing everyone to collect, but also hope that everyone can take the story home and develop their own.

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