2021 TIF 徵件藝術家 098 Nacatamalien & MELS

◆ 098. Nacatamalien & MELS / FB: Mario Oliva art / […]

◆ 098. Nacatamalien & MELS / FB: Mario Oliva art / IG: movieclub.mels

Nacatamalien 是洪都拉斯自學的插畫家和畫家。他的作品受到身體表達,音樂和流動動作的啟發。他的插圖描繪了陰森和光怪陸離的圖片對照混沌的人類表達。因為他被舞蹈惡魔和重金屬音樂纏身,他的目標是給你看甜美暴力的願景。從外太空來的熱塔馬利。

“Nacatamalien is a Honduran self taught illustrator and painter. His work is inspired by music, and figurative expression. His illustrations portray the eerie and the grotesque in contrast with bright colors and emotion. Plagued by dancing devils and heavy metal, he aims to give you visions of sweet violence. Hot tamales from outer space. MELS is an interdisciplinary visual artist based in Asia Pacific. Known for bright colors, odd illustrations and stretched out letter stylings.”

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