2021 TIF 徵件藝術家 093 莫佳恩 JOYCE MO

◆ 093. 莫佳恩 JOYCE MO / FB: Joyce Mo / IG: joyce_mo_jiaen

莫佳恩JOYCE MO,畢業於國立台北藝術大學,擅長使用水彩作為創作媒材,喜歡在作品中插入各種經過安排的細節,希望觀者除了在水彩中看到水與色彩的呈現,也能看見作品中情感的流動,並在其中想像出畫中的故事,將生活與情感轉譯至作品中,雖然是個喜歡說故事的人,但更喜歡聽故事,歡迎觀者也與我分享你們的故事。

Joyce Mo is an artist who graduated from Tapei  National University of the Arts and specializes in using water colour as her creative medium. Joyce is fond of positioning small, deliberate details in her work, wishing her audience would see not only the beautiful flows of water colors but also feel the stories and emotion behind her strokes. Joyce likes to tell her life stories with her paintbrush, and loves even more so to hear stories and experiences from her audience. Please feel welcomed say hi and share your stories with Joyce.