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每年固定台北舉辦,以在地連結國際的插畫藝術展會。 Taipei illustration Fair is a platform for Taiwan illustrators every year to link local and international.

2021 TIF 徵件藝術家 065 列拿 Lena_word_world

◆ 065. 列拿 Lena_word_world / IG: lena_word_world


Lena, which means “bright” and “shining,”  is the sun of God in Russian. A sun shower is a weather phenomenon that penetrates all the emotions, such as the bright sun and rain at the same time. Like our lives are full of happiness and sorrow. These are from my text creations, called “#Lena’s Sun Words.” (pun)  As for illustrations, they are “#Lena’s Fox Marriage,”  included. It’s because a sun shower is seen as “the marriage of the foxes” in Japanese. In order not to be found by humans, the foxes prayed to God for rain and hid behind it, so the team passed the village successfully. I have built “lena_word_world” on Instagram since 2015. I also have had a new identity as a illustration intern since 2021. “To be romantic fully and live hard.” Life might let you cry when eating and pretend to be the bravest person with a smile. Therefore, I hope I can save you in a romantic way little by little, just like magic.


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