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寶拉胖 (Polla Paint),生長於台灣的插畫創作者,目前居住於台北。喜愛繪製風景與人物之間的關係,多採用電子媒材創作,擅長運用細膩的線條勾勒出和諧整齊的畫面,並使用明亮的色彩帶出活潑的氛圍,再搭配全景構圖呈現大器之感。個人創作多以自身經歷出發,將日常景色與回憶揉捻成畫,作品不僅畫面豐富,同時也飽含豐沛的情感。作品《初心》就是以澳洲生活為主題進行創作。

Polla Paint
A Taiwan-based illustrator living in Taipei
Fond of depicting the relationships between landscapes and figures, Polla employs digital media to create her artworks. With her skill of drawing delicate lines to compose harmonious and organized imageries, Polla’s paintings also feature vivid colors and panoramic compositions that bring out lively atmosphere and grandeur. Her artistic inspiration primarily comes from her personal experience. By transforming everyday scenes and memories into paintings, her works are thus visually enriched and full of emotions. The work “Unchanging” is a creative project based on her life experience in Australia.

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