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◆  056. 蛋妹 ViviChen Illustration / FB: 蛋妹 ViviChen / IG: vivichen33

ViviChen Illustration 是一個插畫品牌,由蛋妹繪製。一個腦中有很多想法的女子,於2012開始插畫創作與接案的生活,默默在插畫領域經營多年。她的插畫作品藏著淡淡憂鬱的心靈反思。偏愛手繪筆觸的細膩與飽和色彩,善於賦予圖像說故事的空間想像,畫中藏著象徵及隱喻。商業作品則多見於文學書籍、文章,報紙副刊及各商業類。

ViviChen Illustration is an illustration brand which created by Vivi Chen( 蛋妹). She is a freelance illustrator based-in Taipei, Taiwan. She majors in fine arts in college and has worked as an illustrator for over 8 years after graduation. Her experience has covered newspapers, novels and commercial advertisements. Her works often portray with details and turn daily objects into content with metaphors. She likes to focus on abstract feeling and atmosphere.

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