2021 TIF 徵件藝術家 042 夢遊地帶 Sleepwalking zone

◆ 042. 夢遊地帶 Sleepwalking zone / FB: 夢遊地帶 / IG: zhou.da.wei

探索藝術的靈魂,時代的美學,在虛擬的現實中,神秘的小店裡,滿足你的視覺與心靈,在現實與夢境之間,這裡是樂園的入口 _ 夢遊地帶 ✨

Explore the soul of art, the aesthetics of the times, in virtual reality, in a mysterious shop, satisfy your vision and soul, between reality and dream, here is the entrance to the paradise _ Sleepwalking Zone ✨