2020 TIF 徵件藝術家 群青制造所

■ 58-群青制造所

我們是群青制造所Gunjo Studio,是一家設計公司,由於喜歡音樂、文字、圖像、行走,希望透過旁觀的角度探討人與人之間的多重關係,於是有了『一曲一会』(gunjoeyes)線上誌。展覽緣起,來自於透過「遇見誰」以及「遇見不同的事物」的這個提問?而『一曲一会』也試圖以一種類旁觀的角度再詮釋,正因為人生未見的一期一会(いちごいちえ),「一期」,意味人的一生,「一会」,形容此時的相聚一刻。展場透過『 一曲一会』小誌的方式與觀者對話,透過手感、溫度、解構、聆聽、記憶、繪畫、書寫等類比形式呈現,讓插畫不只是插畫,讓短文不只是短文,讓音樂不只是音樂,討論人與自我或擦肩而過的多重關係。

We are a design company called Gunjo Studio. 

We enjoy music, reading, and exploring on foot all the time, and we’d like to discuss human relationship with a bystander. So our online magazine ”Ikyoko Ichie” is born.

The origin of the exhibition comes from the question ”Whom did you meet” and “What did you meet”, and ”Ikyoko Ichie” also try to reinterpret it from a bystander-like angle.

In this unprecedented ”ichigo ichie”(いちごいちえ),  ”ichigo” means lifetime of human,  ”ichie” means people meet together at this very time. We try to interact with viewers through our zine ”Ikyoko Ichie”, and will perform in various ways like hand-drawing, destructing, critical listening, writing and so on. 

Finally illustrations will go beyond illustrations, essays will go beyond essays, music will go beyond music, they will turn to tools which helping us to discuss the complicated human relationship and self-identity.

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