2020 TIF 徵件藝術家 Honeywatercry

■ 92-Honeywatercry


Founded in summer 2019 in Taipei, combining with a little sweetness of honey water and crybaby, like our ordinary life but filled with profound memory in a love-hate relationship. All Hand drawn lines with color filing inspired by love and all the little things in my life, looking for love from the outside, and looking for light from the inside.


Enjoy drawing those broken-hearted people who love to cry, so it all became HoneyWaterCry. Happiness can only be measured by the depth of personal sadness, just like a mirror of each illustration. It will always trigger the people who either watching the painting or drawing itself. Most of my work are based on sad stories, but I believe facing sadness is also a way to be optimistic. 

Every time you cry, Endorphins in your brain activate sedative effect that helps minimize stress and let people back on their A game. so don’t be afraid, Let’s cry!