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2020 TIF 徵件藝術家 你好,莉莉陳 HelloLilyChen

■ 87-你好,莉莉陳 HelloLilyChen


陳美聿(Chen Mei Yu)的創作品牌








Creations of Chen Mei Yu

Just like talking to yourself, I say hello to myself.

Growing up in the city, I  am currently working in a studio in the countryside. Many creative inspirations are drawn from the appearance of natural plants: the texture of the ground, the rhizome veins of plants, the movements and patterns of insects, sacking different scenes and textures in the brain.

The changes of living locations, the concrete jungle to the natural beautiful scenery, the adjustment of life style and the relationship between different people affect my creative thoughts.

I get used to showing the appearance of plants through self-transformed images to tell the sensitive thoughts, observations and boundless imaginations of my own personality.

My uptight personality can help quietly organize the thoughts and draw many works that seem to have their own stories.

I like the gentle texture of delicate tones with the gradual stacking in the pictures. 

I get used to creating works by using sketches and colored pencils, as well as ceramic materials.

Also collaborated with the creator Chan Yun Hsuan on the brand “Mico pottery”


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