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■ 86-Eric Liao  廖翊丞


關注心理療癒、精神疾患、性別與身份認同等相關議題, 持續創作結合心理議題、自我探索、感官體驗與情緒感受的作品。 

An illustrator / a textile artist who was born in Taipei. Media such as textiles are added on top of illustrations, turning them into textile art and apparel as an outcome. Discovering the possibilities of different textures and materials, conveying own’s feelings delicately with the use of vivid and colourful visual language as well as thorough presentation. 

Concern about issues such as psychological healing, mental disorder, gender and identification, have been making art related to emotion, mental issue, self-exploration and sensory experience.

具代表性的系列創作《異想? Wonderland?》始於2018年,因精神官能症接受長期的心理諮商治療,開啟深入自我探索的契機,在過程中察覺自身創作、精神狀態與生命經驗三者的關聯性。

A representative series of artwork ‘Wonderland?’ was created in 2018. With a need to undergo long-term counselling because of neurosis, it drives me to a journey of in-depth self-exploration, to be aware of the correlation of art making, mental status and life experience.

為了回應內心對於「我是誰」的提問,從心理學探究人格形塑的角度切入, 回到童年去尋找那個去除任何社會化影響下,最初自己的樣貌。 


In order to respond to the inner self who is always questioning about ‘Who am I’, keep reminiscing about childhood and looking for true and pure self before being socialized, as from the perspective of personality shaping in psychology.

Looking into the objects in the surroundings, toys and playground equipment, also kiddie drawings as back to early childhood in 1990s, being inspired by the vivid colors, irregular shapes and the instinctive lines observed in the drawings, drawing experiments were conducted by applying different media and techniques. A series of self-portrait is re-created with the visual language obtained from within, not only does it mark a milestone in self-exploration journey, connect the self in the past and now, but it also explores the possibilities of illustration as a form of art by applying the techniques such as embroidery, weaving and knitting. 


Until now, the series ‘Wonderland?’ is still a focus of creation. Illustrations and textile art pieces would be developed from various perspectives so as to resonate with the repeatedly aroused argument and imagination towards the ideal mental world.

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