2020 TIF 徵件藝術家 咪某meemaw

■ 78-咪某meemaw

Meemaw 是一群喜歡模仿人類角色和藝術品的貓。

Meemaw is a pack of cats find pleasure in imitating the art works of human. They show the same expression whatever roles they play, since human emotions are just unnecessary complex.


I am Tsu Yun Tsai, the illustrator of Meemaw.  I am also a  photographer  in the field of commercial and art. Meemaw is a character I create for my love to cats and art. Art is not the privilege of museums and galleries but belongs to everyone’s daily life.  I find pleasure in art works from ancient to  modern times, and I would like to share my pleasure with others through Meemaw. 

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