▪︎ 2018 台北插畫藝術節 參展單位:PONYO PORCO

PONYO PORCO是ㄧ個以手繪印花為主軸的品牌,創立於2015 夏末。品牌名稱以設計師飼養的墨西哥鈍口螈命名,兩隻神奇的生物在 logo上呈現出一個不完全對稱的連體圖像,暗示個體之間的和諧與差異,也象徵品牌衷旨。雙設計師透過鮮明的圖像語言,創造出和諧與反差共存的奇想意象;融合印花的魔幻寫實與剪裁的極簡俐落,產生與眾不同的時尚解構 ; PONYO PORCO的視覺概念希望能讓觀者從想像中挖掘設計背後耐人尋味的故事,以直覺精神與靈魂美學,描繪出具有律動感及音樂性的創作。

Launched in the end of summer 2015, PONYO PORCO is a fashion brand that focuses on the theme of hand-painted prints. PONYO PORCO is named after the two axolotls of the designers.

On the logo, the two magical creatures are conjoined in a pair with asymmetric features in details,
which not only suggests the harmonies and differences between individuals, but also symbolizes the brand’s philosophy.The designer duo is specialized in using vivid visual language tocreate mythical imageries where harmony and contrast co-exist. The blend of magical, realistic printing patterns and simple, straight-forward cuts produces a unique fashion deconstruction.The visual concept hopes to inspire viewers to explore the intriguing narratives behind the designs by their imaginations. Moreover, PONYO PORCO uses its intuitive spirit and aesthetics with a soul to illustrate rhythmic and musical creations.

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