▪︎ 2018 台北插畫藝術節 協辦單位 Co-organizer : 小路映画工作室 Petit Deer Curatorial Studio

小路映画工作室 Petit Deer Curatorial Studio




Founded on 1 January, 2011, Petit Deer is a studio managing Taiwanese illustration artists and curating various art and design exhibitions including film festivals of Taiwanese independent films. We bring together talented illustration artists and image creators through their artworks to collaborate commercially with major companies for copyright matching and marketing planning. For many years, we have been continually accumulating experience of diverse thematic approaches to events and exhibitions with galleries and museums, for example MOCA Taipei, CMP Block Museum of Arts, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Cultural Affairs Dept. of New Taipei City Government and Songshan Cultural and Creative Park.

We hold to the spirit of ” Persistently going along the path of dream to accomplish the runway of lifetime.” We encourage local illustration artists to devote themselves to creating contemporary art and, through publications and thematic curations thread by thread, to both reflect the consciousness of modern time, and also to perform and exhibit multimedia to showcase the world the depth and splendidness of Taiwanese illustration art.