Category 2020 Open Call Artist 徵件創作者

2020 TIF 徵件藝術家 Yu-Ting The Goldfish

■ 103-Yu-Ting The Goldfish

Yu-Ting 的作品以平面創作、藝術家書籍 (artists’ books) 、雕塑、動畫、以及裝置藝術等形式呈現。畢業於羅德島設計學院,現居台北。是一條活在自己創造的世界裡的金魚。


Yu-Ting is an illustrator, maker, dreamer, and secretly a goldfish currently based in Taipei, Taiwan. Born and raised in Taiwan, educated in the United States, received a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. She creates 2D and 3D illustrations, artists’ books, sculptures, animations, and installations.

2020 TIF 徵件藝術家 猩子小姐

■ 102-猩子小姐


Commited to learning methods to sort out creative thinking, and convey practical methods to put potential ideas into practice. I expect myself to be more adventurous to explore more unknowns during this long journey.

2020 TIF 徵件藝術家 Huyu

■ 101-Huyu


An art director, motion designer and illustrator based in Paris. Her drawing styles show both Western and Asian aesthetics.


Art director, motion designer and illustrator based in Paris, she has graduated from ESAG Penninghen and Gobelins in France. Her working partners are international and she works a lot for fashion brand, packaging design, concept art and motion videos. She was born in Taiwan and studied in Europe, her drawing styles show both Western and Asian aesthetics.

2020 TIF 徵件藝術家 自有步調 | Own terms, own lives.

■ 100-自有步調 | Own terms, own lives.
















“Don’t walk in a hurry, move on slowly.”

I was born in an art school,

But I was always at the bottom of my class-“Maybe I am not talented.”

So I just gave up.

Until the beginning of internship, part-time work, and work for projects,

Walk in a hurry, but I always think that something was missing.

So I picked up the brush again,

Ran a social media, received a case, set up a market,

I heard people say that I got power from your paintings,

I finaliy found the reason why I have to draw.

It turns out that the pace is different,

Just move forward slowly, at your own pace.

Use my paintings-to bring age, society,

A sanctuary for the anxious people.

Tell everyone-you and me have our own pace.

2020 TIF 徵件藝術家 摘星星的女孩lucy.

■ 99-摘星星的女孩lucy.








#正能量語錄 #覺察日記 #靈性資訊 #療癒lifestyle

“Sparkling girl lucy” deliver the magic of bringing courage by drawing, accompany you to the journey of self–awareness by a spirituality vision, blow the heavy cloud of life away and seize the stars with you!

All the illustrations and writings are dedicated to

any soul who was trapped but desire to make change.

#PositiveQuotations #SelfAwarenessDiary #SpiritualityInformation #HealingLifeStyle

















#正能量語錄 #覺察日記 #靈性資訊 #療癒lifestyle


Nowadays, people’s mind are covered by the complex world,

we lost the simplest smile and courage,

we forget who we are, where are we come from, and where should we go?

Thus, we begin the journey of self–awareness,

strat to find the star of ourselves.

In the journey,

sometimes there’s a serious light pollution or thick cloud,

sometimes there’s a week starlight, or unwilling to look up-

However, in the journey,

I will deliver the magic of bringing courage by drawing, 

accompany you to the journey of self–awareness by a spirituality vision, 

blow the heavy cloud of life away ,

recall the natural instincts of soul and seize the stars with you!

I will keep going on this journey, even if the goal is long, long way to go. 

All the illustrations and writings are dedicated to

any soul who was trapped but desire to make change.

#PositiveQuotations #SelfAwarenessDiary #SpiritualityInformation #HealingLifeStyle

The “Sparkling girl lucy” were formally established since 2020 October. The main contents of the fanpage are healing illustrated quotations, hints of masters, spirituality selections(books, groceries, channels) and spirituality informations(meditation, awareness, chakra).

2020 TIF 徵件藝術家 Tienntone

■ 98-Tienntone

喜歡畫圓圓胖胖的線條、月經相關事物、各種扭來扭去的身體,也喜歡從旅行取材。喜歡畫的題材很多,原則就是享受自己。Enjoy yourself ♫

Tienntone makes illustration works and goods about bodies,  periods, and natural landscapes. Enjoy yourself ♫

Tienntone是熱愛畫圖的女子經營的插畫小物品牌,作者是Tienn。喜歡畫圓圓胖胖的線條、月經相關事物、各種扭來扭去的身體,也喜歡從旅行取材。喜歡畫的題材很多,原則就是享受自己,希望作品為日常加一些顏色一點開心,一點點就很好。Enjoy yourself♫

Tienntone is an art brand created by Tienn. Tienntone makes illustration works and goods about bodies,  periods, and natural landscapes. Enjoy yourself ♫

2020 TIF 徵件藝術家 Lisart – ㄚ審

■ 97-Lisart – ㄚ審











2020 TIF 徵件藝術家 ChienYu 陳小芊

■ 96-ChienYu 陳小芊


Simple life, paint happily!



Drawing is one of my favorite habit since I was little, now  I always paint after I get off work. As a shy and ineloquent person, drawing is more easier than talking. I often draw food and animal, because of being fond of eating and something cute. Usually use watercolor and digital drawing and look forward to paint  something will make everyone feel joyful and warm.

2020 TIF 徵件藝術家 Red Cyan

■ 95-Red Cyan


Psychedelic , Saturated , Rainbow , Gradient , Liquify . 

Red Cyan 林涵薇 (Han-wei, Lin)。全職藝術家。擅長插畫與數位藝術。創作圍繞漸層、高飽和色彩、迷幻及抽象等也創作數位拼貼主題。插畫擅長使用彩色墨水與複合媒材。

曾在法國巴黎舉辦個展《Cosmic Voyeur 宇宙窺視者》結合多媒體與裝置藝術,跳脫二維度空間創作。未來也將不停止這股創作能量,繼續前進!

The Intro

林 涵薇 Han-wei, Lin (Red Cyan) (b.1991)

2014 Collaborated on T-shirt design with fashion designer Alex S. Yu

2015 Collaborated with music studio Noise Studio

2016 Featured in “Making the Cut, Vol. 1” (Crooks Press)

2016 Interview with Polysh, Taipei

2016 Solo exhibition, I AM A CURIOUSIST, Taipei (喚醒內心的赤子 X 花疫室)

2016 T-shirt collaboration with Alex S. Yu featured in Vogue UK

2016 Collaborated on skateboard design with studio Diseñadores de Mundos

2016 Attended “Surprise Mistake” Domaine de Boisbuchet workshop with Henrik Vibskov

2017 Solo exhibition , Cosmic Voyeur (宇宙窺視者), SometimeStudio, Paris

2020 Featured in “Karbn Magazine : Sketchbook 4 ” 

2020 Solo exhibition , “The desert of the twilight ” Illustration Fair ,Voyage Cafe, Taichung

2020 TIF 徵件藝術家 haochien_huang(胃弱少年/女)

■ 94-haochien_huang(胃弱少年/女)


我畫可怕跟可愛的圖,但本人偏可愛。I draw scary and cute things, but I think more cute^^

2020 TIF 徵件藝術家 溫溫 Wen Wen

■ 93-溫溫 Wen Wen






「Wen Wen」likes the warmth of Chinese. I like to draw stories I feel in life into my works. 

I think daily life is the existence that allows life to have temperature.

And illustration is my way of keeping temperature. 

The Story let’s start…

Rabbit is cute and gentle, it’s quiet,and constantly feeling the various energies given by the world…













「Wen Wen」likes the warmth of Chinese ; it’s light and very warm. 

I like to draw stories I feel in life into my works.

Sometimes it’s a movie scene which is very touching.

Sometimes it’s a sentence that makes my heart ripple.

Sometimes the warmth from others comforts the soul.

Sometimes I become a person who listens to stories, empathizing with the happiness and sadness of others.

These are moments full of temperature.

From the life we are experiencing every day, and the scenes I want to remember forever.

I think daily life is the existence that allows life to have temperature.

And illustration is my way of keeping temperature. 

Then treasure this temperature.

Then give others a little more tenderness, empathy and kindness.

2020 TIF 徵件藝術家 Honeywatercry

■ 92-Honeywatercry


Founded in summer 2019 in Taipei, combining with a little sweetness of honey water and crybaby, like our ordinary life but filled with profound memory in a love-hate relationship. All Hand drawn lines with color filing inspired by love and all the little things in my life, looking for love from the outside, and looking for light from the inside.


Enjoy drawing those broken-hearted people who love to cry, so it all became HoneyWaterCry. Happiness can only be measured by the depth of personal sadness, just like a mirror of each illustration. It will always trigger the people who either watching the painting or drawing itself. Most of my work are based on sad stories, but I believe facing sadness is also a way to be optimistic. 

Every time you cry, Endorphins in your brain activate sedative effect that helps minimize stress and let people back on their A game. so don’t be afraid, Let’s cry!

2020 TIF 徵件藝術家 phoeradise

■ 91-phoeradise

Phoebe Chen’s subject matter is female figures in surreal worlds. Her work focus on the personal inner universe. Including desires, passions, moods, and alter egos. The hidden erotic elements reveal her observation and exploration of sexuality. Her illustration using both tradition and digital materials as her primary medium.

Phoebe Chen 的插畫常以置身於超現實世界中的女性形象為題材。其作品專注於反映個人內心宇宙,其中包含慾望、激情、情緒與潛意識。而畫中隱藏的情慾元素則是她在現實生活中對於性的觀察與探索之表態。傳統顏料及數位繪圖皆是她創作的主要媒材。

Phoebe Chen 是一位插畫家與平面設計師。其插畫常以置身於超現實世界中的女性形象為題材。Phoebe 的作品專注於反映個人內心宇宙,其中包含慾望、激情、情緒與潛意識。而畫中隱藏的情慾元素則是她在現實生活中對於性的觀察與探索之表態。傳統顏料及數位繪圖皆是她創作的主要媒材。

展覽 :

– Woman’s Essence, Rome, Italy (2020)

– WE CONTEMPORARY 2018, Palermo, Italy (2018)

– Everyday ART Gallery, 台灣 (2017)

– Phoeradise, Dark Matter Gallery, Prague (2016)




– 蘇菲旋轉 Sufi Whirling (2017)

Phoebe Chen is an illustrator, and graphic designer based in Taiwan. Her subject matter is female figures in surreal worlds. Phoebe’s work focus on the personal inner universe. Including desires, passions, moods, and alter egos. The hidden erotic elements reveal her observation and exploration of sexuality.  Her illustration using both tradition and digital materials as her primary medium.


– Woman’s Essence, Rome, Italy (2020)

– WE CONTEMPORARY 2018, Palermo, Italy (2018)

– Everyday ART Gallery, Taiwan (2017)

– Phoeradise, Dark Matter Gallery, Prague (2016)




– 蘇菲旋轉 Sufi Whirling (2017)

2020 TIF 徵件藝術家 Joe Chen Art 陳興仲

■ 90-Joe Chen Art 陳興仲

於2020創立 Joe Chen Art 工作室,喜歡藝術感強烈的創作作品,常於作品中摻入許多隱藏符碼及視覺語彙,增加作品表象之下更多層次的意義;近期都在山岳之間尋求靈感,做為修行和偷懶的藉口,年底進城露個臉。


Chen Hsing Chung , From Taiwan, Kaohsiung. In his childhood, he lives beside the industrial zone, and he was interest in aesthetics. When he was in college, majored in art and design, especially love visual art or the work which has art emotion. As he creates, always try to think about the relation of viewer and the work. Not only that, he also hope they have interaction. 

He works insert a lot of oblique codes and visual vocabularies to add more hidden meanings to let work can ruminate over and over again.

2020 TIF 徵件藝術家 Xiangyin/雁子夢 swallow dream

■ 89-Xiangyin/雁子夢 swallow dream


「雁子夢」(Swallow Dream)是我的品牌名稱,來自我的舊名。英文是燕子中文是雁子,希望如雁子般乘著夢想飛得高遠、又像燕子一樣別忘記回家的路。


Hi!I’m XiangYin.It is a pseudonym I used over than 10 years in little embarrassed but full of memories, so I can’t throw away and I keep this name until now.

「雁子夢」(Swallow Dream) is my personal brand’s name from my older name. It’s a paronomasia brand’s name in Chinese and English. In English it means swallow. In Chinese,it means wild goose.「雁子夢」(Swallow Dream) is means I hope my dreams can ride the wild goose to fly high and far away,but still like the swallow never forget how to get the way home.

I like to draw,but I don’t want to just always hire by some one else to draw. So I decided to be a freedom creator restart in 2020.And draw what I really want to draw by illustration and tell you the story what I want to tell by comic,and do the thing what I most favorite and want to do.

2020 TIF 徵件藝術家 river run.

■ 88-river run.



在紡織產業打滾多年,之前從事織品設計,現在是畫畫的人,遊走於印花與插畫之間,喜歡山林、 喜歡動物,某次閱讀了歐文瓊斯的《紋飾法則》得到啟發,迷戀各種紋樣及印花,以自然作為織品印花的素材,結合紋飾裝飾風格,或對稱性或連續性的排列組合,用色多為明亮豐富,2020年夏天剛成立個人品牌”river run.”。印花以外,偶有詼諧富趣味的實驗性小作,作品多為描繪旅行的風景或日常。

印花作品 :

更多作品 :

Working in the textile industry for several years, I specialize in textile design, also addicted to drawing. In 2020 summer, an emerging personal brand “river run” begins.An illustrator who fascinated by nature and creature, occasionally inspired by Owen Jones’s the grammar of ornament, obsessed with all kinds of patterns and prints, and utilizing natural as foundation of the surface pattern. Merge ornament into the design and arrange it in symmetric or continuous ways which are bright and rich. Create experimental works sketching days in traveling, once in a while.

2020 TIF 徵件藝術家 你好,莉莉陳 HelloLilyChen

■ 87-你好,莉莉陳 HelloLilyChen


陳美聿(Chen Mei Yu)的創作品牌








Creations of Chen Mei Yu

Just like talking to yourself, I say hello to myself.

Growing up in the city, I  am currently working in a studio in the countryside. Many creative inspirations are drawn from the appearance of natural plants: the texture of the ground, the rhizome veins of plants, the movements and patterns of insects, sacking different scenes and textures in the brain.

The changes of living locations, the concrete jungle to the natural beautiful scenery, the adjustment of life style and the relationship between different people affect my creative thoughts.

I get used to showing the appearance of plants through self-transformed images to tell the sensitive thoughts, observations and boundless imaginations of my own personality.

My uptight personality can help quietly organize the thoughts and draw many works that seem to have their own stories.

I like the gentle texture of delicate tones with the gradual stacking in the pictures. 

I get used to creating works by using sketches and colored pencils, as well as ceramic materials.

Also collaborated with the creator Chan Yun Hsuan on the brand “Mico pottery”

2020 TIF 徵件藝術家 Eric Liao 廖翊丞

■ 86-Eric Liao  廖翊丞


關注心理療癒、精神疾患、性別與身份認同等相關議題, 持續創作結合心理議題、自我探索、感官體驗與情緒感受的作品。 

An illustrator / a textile artist who was born in Taipei. Media such as textiles are added on top of illustrations, turning them into textile art and apparel as an outcome. Discovering the possibilities of different textures and materials, conveying own’s feelings delicately with the use of vivid and colourful visual language as well as thorough presentation. 

Concern about issues such as psychological healing, mental disorder, gender and identification, have been making art related to emotion, mental issue, self-exploration and sensory experience.

具代表性的系列創作《異想? Wonderland?》始於2018年,因精神官能症接受長期的心理諮商治療,開啟深入自我探索的契機,在過程中察覺自身創作、精神狀態與生命經驗三者的關聯性。

A representative series of artwork ‘Wonderland?’ was created in 2018. With a need to undergo long-term counselling because of neurosis, it drives me to a journey of in-depth self-exploration, to be aware of the correlation of art making, mental status and life experience.

為了回應內心對於「我是誰」的提問,從心理學探究人格形塑的角度切入, 回到童年去尋找那個去除任何社會化影響下,最初自己的樣貌。 


In order to respond to the inner self who is always questioning about ‘Who am I’, keep reminiscing about childhood and looking for true and pure self before being socialized, as from the perspective of personality shaping in psychology.

Looking into the objects in the surroundings, toys and playground equipment, also kiddie drawings as back to early childhood in 1990s, being inspired by the vivid colors, irregular shapes and the instinctive lines observed in the drawings, drawing experiments were conducted by applying different media and techniques. A series of self-portrait is re-created with the visual language obtained from within, not only does it mark a milestone in self-exploration journey, connect the self in the past and now, but it also explores the possibilities of illustration as a form of art by applying the techniques such as embroidery, weaving and knitting. 


Until now, the series ‘Wonderland?’ is still a focus of creation. Illustrations and textile art pieces would be developed from various perspectives so as to resonate with the repeatedly aroused argument and imagination towards the ideal mental world.

2020 TIF 徵件藝術家 C.H.I

■ 85-C.H.I

尋找生活片段,創造快樂圖像(Looking for fragments of life,Create happy images )




An illusion wrapped in the name of happiness.

A story will always end in a happy ending when it encounters sadness and anger.

The ending of life is not necessarily happy, but some happy elements can be added to these negative emotions!

2020 TIF 徵件藝術家 Jing Lan 鯨藍

■ 84-Jing Lan 鯨藍

Jing 鯨,熱愛動植物等大小事議題的藝術家也是一位印花設計師。涉及藝術設計廣泛背景。創作多以自然花卉及動物形態美和顏色為靈感來源,插畫作品敘述對於動物與生活的情感感受。崇尚自然生命力與生活中的小確幸。時尚印花,單純想將自然美融入人文生活。用色較鮮明活潑,畫面氣氛繽芬愉悅,細節筆觸為細緻沈澱,玩配色構圖為藝術創作日常,創作使用數位媒材及水彩。

Jing is an artist who is passionate about all things botanical, floral and wildlife. She is a pattern designer with a broad background in Art & Design. Her work is inspired from the forms and colours of plants and animals in the natural world. Each of her illustrations tells its own story with characters that conjure a bright feeling of life. She advocates natural vitality and happiness from the little things in life. For Jing, patterns are a way for her to bring more of the world’s natural beauty into life. Her colours are bright and vivid. The painting’s atmosphere conveys joyful reverence. The detail is meticulous. She enjoys to play with colours and composition in her art work, creating art via digital media and water colour painting.

Jing Lan 插畫/平面設計師於倫敦&台北發展。於2017年前往倫敦發展並於kingston University主修插畫碩士,同時經營插畫品牌持續創作。顯著創作風格是以自然的美與野生動物為靈感主題。非常重視動物保育議題,創造生動的花卉及生物並保有好奇心敘述故事融入生活。後於倫敦時尚品牌擔任設計師,帶著她的插畫動植物們開啟時尚印花設計師人生。

Jing Lan is an illustrator and designer based in London and Taipei. She started her own illustration brand after attaining her master’s degree from Kingston University, London in 2017. Her signature illustration style focuses on natural beauties with wild animals. She values wildlife, conservation issues and telling a story via her illustrations. After working for a luxury fashion brand in London, she started creating her own patterns as a surface pattern designer with her beautiful and unique animal illustrations.

2020 TIF 徵件藝術家 喂,wei

■ 80-喂,wei

喂,wei是weiweiboy 台灣插畫創作者, 於2012年開始在facebook上發表的創作品牌, 在2013年正式開始插畫創作者的身份接案, 已累積14萬粉絲也有和各大知名廠商合作的案例, 出版過兩本書籍和各式商品,也繼續籌備其他書籍與商品 2016年開始以『Have you smiled today』 這個主題出發, 想借著插畫角色“喂喂”訴說『你今天微笑了沒」的各種圖文, 用插畫讓深陷低潮的人們,再度用微笑站起來。

Wei wei the smiley elf is a character created by Taiwanese illustrator weiweiboy, who has over 140,000 fans on social media. The character was first released on Facebook Fan page in 2012. weiweiboy started his professional illustration career officially in 2013, and had worked with governments, various domestic and overseas leading companies since then. In 2016, He decided to share his thoughts through one simple core idea which is “Have you smiled today?” weiweiboy hopes that people will find his works inspiring, encouraging, and be able to be stronger inside to face the world with a lovely smile.

2020 TIF 徵件藝術家 金玉水草平 Ciel

■ 79-金玉水草平 Ciel



In 2020, I changed my name to Liu Yuping and started my new journey, so I decided to use my new name to disassemble and name “Jin Yu Shui Cao Ping” to represent myself.

Create freely, try more new methods, explore art and painting more deeply, and convey inspiration and aspects through connection with the world.




When I think about a problem, it’s like throwing a stone into the lake, causing waves and ripples, creating a lot of imagination and pictures, and I use painting to make my ripples convey to others.

Most of my creations are produced in my life. At certain moments, the pictures appear in my mind like this, like vines growing and spreading wildly, and I salvaged them ashore and painted them through my hands, trying to show that Picture in the mind.

In addition, portrait painting has always been a creation that I am very interested in. I will observe the details of each person and combine various drawing methods to present it.Whenever I hear a guest or friend say that I draw a portrait, I am actually very happy, because I know that sometimes the feeling of conveying characteristics and charm will resonate.

2020 TIF 徵件藝術家 咪某meemaw

■ 78-咪某meemaw

Meemaw 是一群喜歡模仿人類角色和藝術品的貓。

Meemaw is a pack of cats find pleasure in imitating the art works of human. They show the same expression whatever roles they play, since human emotions are just unnecessary complex.


I am Tsu Yun Tsai, the illustrator of Meemaw.  I am also a  photographer  in the field of commercial and art. Meemaw is a character I create for my love to cats and art. Art is not the privilege of museums and galleries but belongs to everyone’s daily life.  I find pleasure in art works from ancient to  modern times, and I would like to share my pleasure with others through Meemaw. 

2020 TIF 徵件藝術家 圖徑patternway

■ 77-圖徑patternway



2020 TIF 徵件藝術家 寬片片

■ 76-寬片片


Kuanpianpian,creating illustrations and animation works in colorful and dreamy style.





Usually there are girls,food andsomething strange in my work.I love using these kind of tags to create fantastic work.