2020 TIF 徵件藝術家 ivyellowed

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ivyellowed=艾V Yellow Wednesday 


ivchen is the illustrator who loves to create ugly but funny looking characters, such as aliens and alien-related creatures. Because innovation is meaningful to her, she enjoys every moment while creating new works. By creating these roles, she wants to deliver the following message. Although the life is tough, she hopes that we can forget our troubles and she wants us to constantly sleep well, eat well and look things on the bright side.

由ivchen擔任插畫品牌 ”艾V Yellow Wednesday” 的右手,品牌名稱由插畫家名字、喜歡的顏色及一周裡最喜歡的日期組成。希望藉著此品牌把喜愛的事物與大家分享,藉由插畫中無俚頭的角色在生活中為大家注入溫暖及想像力。

ivchen is the illustrator who creates her own brand named ”艾V Yellow Wednesday”. This brand is composed of the name of the illustrator, her favorite color and her favorite day of the week. In addition, the illustration brand would like to share some works to everyone and bring the warmth and imagination into everyone’s life through the characters which have cute personalities and funny looking features.

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