2020 TIF 徵件藝術家 遛貓walkthecatt

■ 65-遛貓walkthecatt

在這日復一日的場景裡 時常躲在自己幻想的俱樂部裡 對未知的未來懷抱著一點害怕和想像 在生活裡添加一點ㄅㄨㄌㄧㄣㄅㄨㄌㄧㄣ的魔法 從小被一位和我一樣喜愛各種怪奇人事物的老師影響讓喜歡畫畫的自己能在畫布上盡情的發揮想像力來創作, 讓我的想像力是不被受拘束的

當希望所有能療癒悲傷的事物都可以出現在自己幻想的一個空間時 我開始畫著一層一層情緒堆疊起的空間 在悲傷俱樂部穿著充滿蕾絲的ㄅㄨㄌㄧㄣㄅㄨㄌㄧㄣ粉紅蛋糕裙和隨著音樂扭曲的身影 在悲傷俱樂部坐在那被遺忘的魔法沙發上喝起哈密瓜汽水 🍹

In the daily scene, I often hide in my sadness club, imagining the unknown future and add a little bling bling magic to my life. Since I was a child, I was influenced  by a teacher who loves all kinds of weird things as I do, he always supported me to use all of my imagination on the canvas, therefore it let my imagination run wild without limitation.

When I was hoping that all the things that can heal sadness can appear in the same space in my imagination, I started to draw sadness clubs, a space that is piled up by the layers of my emotions. There are all kind of figure wearing pink cake skirt full of lace distorted by the music, sitting on the forgotten magic sofa in the sadness club with a glass of melon soda🍹

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