▪︎ 2018 台北插畫藝術節 大會賞 TIF Award:插座人生 Socket Life

插座人生Socket Life

林忠賢 Lin Chung-hsien, 畢業於東海景觀設計,輔系美術系,是一個悲觀的藝術創作者,某天看到房間裡的一個插座孔,發現他對我露出驚恐的表情,那個麻木不仁的表情令我感到害怕,我自覺變成了牆上的插座,這就是創作的起點,我想要以「#關鍵字」的方式去 tag 當下狀態,把生活中觀察到的小事都記錄下來,人使用物品,而物品映射了當下的人,去描繪青春的生活百態。

Lin Chung-hsien graduated from Tung Hai university,major in Landscape Design and minored in Fine Arts.

I’m a pessimistic artist. One day I saw a socket in my room and founded that he was horrified. The numb face made me feel so scared.At that moment I felt like I was turned into a socket on the wall. This is the starting point of my illustration woks. I want to use the 「#keyword」to tag the present statement , recording the small things I found in daliy life.People use the item, and the item reflect the people,to depict the youth life .

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