▪︎ 2018 Taipei Illustration Fair APPLICATION

” Illustration ” is a kind of artistic expression combining artistic creation and writing, non-language and language, and has the disseminative nature of “narrative” inner thinking.

” Taipei Illustration Fair ” will create an illustration art exhibition that is part of Taipei City and Taiwan’s local and international Illustration activity.

Freedom Men Art Team through the annual thematic curatorial solicitations, the works are presented to local and foreign illustration creators, and reward systems are designed to encourage and support illustration creation. we hope this fair of illustrations belonging to the city of Taipei has become a regular event held at a normal state. It will bring together outstanding illustrators to share the benefits of illustrations and promote the virtuous circle of illustrator industry. ” Illustration is not just illustration. ”

The 1st ” Taipei Illustration Fair ” Curatorial subject: “New Age Ukiyoe”

“Worldly life” refers to people living in the real world at this moment and various forms of life. It tells the floating and indefinite people, and it also extends to a hectic attitude toward life.

“Ukiyoe” is a form of painting art that derives from the human landscape and daily life. Many times, contemporary illustration creation is also portraying our present and society. When the new generation of illustrations and the classic “Ukiyoe”, in the form of the mutual influence of the content, the old and the new concepts overlap, what kind of new stimulus, impact and spark?



▲ Registration qualification
Illustration creator under 35 years old, Nationality, creative categories, styles are not limited.
▲ Registration method
A- Curatorial subject: “New Age Ukiyoe”
B- Do not participate in the subject area

Online Apply, Deadline from today until 2018.08.10 24:00
Download the registration form PPT PDF and email the application PPT&PDF to 2018tif@gmail.com.
(After receiving the application, we will reply to confirm that the information is correct. Please pay attention to the receipt.)
▲ Booth Size and Fees

Type A :
Exhibition site 120cm(L) X 120cm(W), including a set of 110V power supply, NT.7,000 for four days.
Type B :
Exhibition site + L exhibition wall 120cm (L) X 120cm (W) X 220cm (H), including a set of 110V power supply, two lights, four days exhibition costs NT.14,000.
Type C :
Exhibition site + ㄇ exhibition wall 120cm (L) X 120cm (W) X 220cm (H), including a set of 110V power supply, two lights, four days exhibition fee NT.18,000.

Each applicant for the show has two work permits, including a 2018 Taipei Illustration Fair exhibitor catalog.
(The above type B and C type booths apply for more than two units, and after the application, individual confirmation of exhibition wall requirements)
▲ Announced the list of candidates
The list of candidates is announced in three releases
| 2018.07.20(Fri.), 2018.08.03(Fri.), 2018.08.13 (Fri.) After the 100 exhibitors have applied for the full amount, we will no longer accept the application.
Will be posted on the official website of Taipei Illustration Fair, FACEBOOK Fan Page
The organizer will send a “selection notice” to the individual. Please be sure to confirm the confirmation by E-mail and pay the booth fee within the specified time limit in order to retain the quota.
▲ Pre-show briefing
Explanatory meeting time | 2018.08.25 (Sat.) 14:00
Session Location | Songshan Cultural and Creative Park Songyan Creator Factory Freedom Square (tentative)
The organizer will hold an activity briefing before the exhibition, and will explain the event’s attention to the event and discuss the details of the exhibition. If you are unable to attend the day, you will be in the form of an E-mail letter and communicate to confirm the exhibition.
▲ Related exhibition date and time
Exhibition Date | 2018.09.06 (Thur.) – 2018/09/09 (Sun.)
Opening | 2018.09.06 (Thur.) 14:00 – 17:00 VIP Guests, Media Visit Time, 18:30 – 20:00 Illustrator Night
Exhibition Date | 2018.09.05 (Wed.) 12:00 – 19:00
Withdrawal Date | 2018.09.09 (Sun.) 19:00 – 21:00
(2018.09.06 (Thur.) activities are only invited to participate, not open to the public)