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不知名 Pino




This person might not be able to remember your name or your face. So this person does’t mind if you forget. But if you feel something of this person’s work, that’s the moment this person feel alive.

For all the imperfection, all the defection, and anyone who being-towards-death. The best is yet to come.



蘇菲 Sophie

蘇菲, 暗黑華麗系插畫師,擅長時尚類及魔幻類題材。畢業於倫敦金斯頓大學插畫系及輔仁大學服裝系,曾獲美國國際插畫比賽Latin American Illustration奬項,作品曾在倫敦、威尼斯、巴塞隆納、澳門等多地展出及販售,目前從事插畫相關工作。


Sophie, a dark illustrator, she currently engaged in illustration related work, specializes in fashion and magical subjects. She was awarded a master degree (MA Communication: Illustration) by Kingston University London and a bachelor degree (Fashion Design) by Fu Jen Catholic University. Her illustration has been selected for the ” Latin American Illustration ” chosen winner. Also, She exhibited and sold her works in London, Venice, Barcelona and Macao.



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