▪︎ 2018 台北插畫藝術節 邀請參展者: 黃湘 Hunag-Shiang

黃湘,現為[ 慢熟 WORKROOM ]插畫家。台灣,高雄人,國立雲林科技大學視覺傳達設計系畢業。習慣複合媒材手繪後上機結合繪圖軟體,以慢而入味的節奏畫事,溫潤勾勒生活的風景,把小事放大,所有小事都是故事。Huang-xiang, is now an illustrator of WORKROOM. Born and raised in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Graduated from the Department of Visual Communication Design of YunTech. He is an illustration designer, and he makes illustration and graphic design. Accustomed to use graphics software after hand-painting the multiple material. He works out the scenes in his life with a slow, emotional pace. Every little thing is a story that could be an artwork for him.