▪︎ 2018 台北插畫藝術節 邀請參展者:趙安玲 Annlin Chao

現居倫敦工作的台灣獨立動畫影像導演,為西雅圖短片影展以及休士頓國際影展動畫獎得主。她擅長設計影像風格,編製與導演將故事轉化為數位動畫和超寫實藝術。除了動畫影像,她的作品還延伸至裝置設計以及表演藝術。目前她主要在倫敦發展,過去合作單位包括英國電視公司Channel4, 唐寧茶, 樂團Delta, Heavy, 歌手Tom Rosenthal以及台北故宮。

Annlin Chao is an award-winning film and animation director based in London and Taiwan. She has been working on experimental materials, extending the boundaries between art, animation, and moving images. She specializes in design-driven projects that combine physical material with digital animation, transforming abstract concepts into collage and surreal sense of visual arts. Her works also ranging from video art to performance and installation. Currently, she’s a freelance director, focusing on directing work in London, clients include Channel 4, National Palace Museum Taiwan, Twinings, and music brand Sub Pop…etc.