ABOUT 台北插畫藝術節 Taipei Illustration Fair



” Illustration ” is a kind of artistic expression combining artistic creation and writing, non-language and language, and has the disseminative nature of “narrative” inner thinking.

” Taipei Illustration Fair ”  create an illustration art exhibition that is part of Taipei City and Taiwan’s local and international Illustration activity.

Through the annual thematic curatorial solicitations, the works are presented to local and foreign illustration creators, and reward systems are designed to encourage and support illustration creation. we hope this fair of illustrations belonging to the city of Taipei has become a regular event held at a normal state. It will bring together outstanding illustrators to share the benefits of illustrations and promote the virtuous circle of illustrator industry. ” Illustration is not just illustration. “

第三屆 台北插畫藝術節 策展主題:「誰, 是誰的, 誰?


身份是自我的標籤, 而認同是一個選擇的過程。 身份的認同會因歷史、文化和政治各種因素而改變。但人與人的關係也何嘗不是呢?每個人的自我身份認同,是有多少種不同建立的可能性? 是透過怎麼方式去建立跟對照?透過討論社會,家庭,性別,性取向…等等,我們人與人之間的關係究竟是怎麼一回事呢?我們可以透過創作去展現出人與人之間的關係?

The 3rd ” Taipei Illustration Fair “
Curatorial subject: ” I am, who are you?”

” Who am I ? Who are you ? I am who are you ? “

Through this question of “who” ? Trying to take a bystander, third-person perspective of the self. Hope to discuss how everyone Self-identity. And what about the relationship between oneself and others ? How can illustration creators presents the possibilities of identity and relationship in various aspects in the form of illustrations ? ” Illustration is not just illustration. “

Identity is the label of the self, and identification is a process of selection. It will change due to various factors such as history , culture and politics. How many different establishment possibilities are there for each person’s self-identity ? How is it used to establish and contrast ? Through discussing society , family , gender , sexual orientation , etc. What kind of relationship between me, You and him/her ?