2021 第四屆台北插畫藝術節回顧 4th TIF Reveiw

第四屆 台北插畫藝術節 策展主題:「封面故事」


以雜誌來說,放在封面的圖片,基本上都是該期雜誌的主打,或者該期雜誌用來吸引人們焦點、眼球記憶點的部分。因此,佔有這樣地位的報導或內容就叫「封面故事」、「封面人物」。如何透過封面有效的說好一個故事、角色甚至創作呢? 這一屆歡迎創作者用各種插畫、藝術創作的表現形式來說不同的封面故事,以插畫的創作打造專屬的封面人物。

The 4th ” Taipei Illustration Fair “
Curatorial subject: ” I am, who are you?”

There is a cover on every book, CD, magazine and movie. The cover is the very first image people catch and contact through eyes. For instance, the cover on a magazine is usually the flagship topic or to get people’s attention or to keep one’s visual memory. Therefore, who/which can take the position on the “Cover”, we called “Cover Story” or “Cover Figure ”. How to tell a good story, character or even  the creation effectively through a “Cover”?

This year, creators are welcome to use a variety of illustrations and artistic creations to tell different cover stories, and create exclusive cover characters through the creation of illustrations.

大眾展期|2021年12月10日(五) 14:00 – 20:00
大眾展期|2021年12月11日(六) 10:00 – 20:00
大眾展期|2021年12月12日(日) 10:00 – 19:00

媒體嘉賓|2021年12月10日(五) 12:00 – 14:00

展覽地點|松山文創園區 北向製菸工廠

【2021 TIF 評審介紹】

王宗欣 Cowper Wang

王宗欣 Cowper Wang,藝術家、創意總監、品牌顧問,大學主修東方水墨,擅長新媒體創作,2008年創立dosomething studio設計團隊,曾執行台灣三金典禮視覺包裝,擁有許多商業跨界的經驗,近年也和流行音樂歌手炎亞綸、蛋堡⋯等合作,作品曾得過金曲獎最佳MV獎、Golden Pin Award、Re Dot Award、IF design Award、promaxBDA …等國際設計獎。

劉旭圃 Paul Liu

現任朝代畫廊總監、ONE ART Taipei執行團隊成員。大學主修資訊管理,後至北京研習藝術管理。與多國藝術家合作,具十餘年展覽策劃執行及國際藝博會經驗,曾於北京Boers-Li Gallery、Young Art Taipei、北京青年藝術100、社團法人中華民國畫廊協會等藝術機構任職。曾於2018年展出插畫家Jing You個展、2019年共同策劃前漫威首席視覺設計師Anthony Francisco首次來台個展,2021年締造Art Taipei創始以來首件NFT形式的實體作品銷售紀錄。

設計浪人 Chad Liu

設計發浪主理人 .觀止堂日本代表 .中華民國工業設計協會理事15萬人追蹤的設計自媒體「設計發浪designsurfing」主理人。藝廊「觀止堂 Admira Gallery」日本代表。以獨特眼光挑選台日設計藝文資訊介紹、評論,並積極橋接台日創意工作者各種資源合作,企劃展覽、活動。也帶著藝術家作品到世界各地參與藝術博覽會展覽、販售。

【 邀請展出藝術家 Invite illustrators


鬍⼦⼤叔運⽤獨特配⾊,紅、⿈、藍、⽩進⾏創作,這是在2013年⽣成的⻆⾊,取樣於⼀些個⼈特⾊及喜好,⽐ 如我⼀直都很想留⼤鬍⼦和留油頭。 於是,就來創造了⼀個符合⾃⼰期待樣貌的⼈物,將湯⽶⼤ 叔的外型修改的更正向、溫暖的鬍⼦⼤叔,儼然像個正義的 好爸爸,⼜由此衍伸了⼀家⼈。

■ 劉正堃 Abei Liu

MASKBOY系列開始於2014年末。MASKBOY並不是一個特定的人物,對我來說,”他“可以是任何生命體,可以是你可以是我,所以”他“的個性是隨著面具背後的生命而變化豐富的。MASKBOY系列經過了7年來地持續進行,我希望把MASKBOY的世界觀拓展開來,藉此發展出“MASK FAM”系列。MASKBOY則是在MASK FAM裡的一員。讓整個系列更聚焦在面具後的載體變化,就像一個面具家族那樣,裡面有更多樣的成員,也可以有更多的創作樣貌呈現。這次整體主題圍繞著“IS EVERYTHING OK? Hua Hua”的漫畫封面畫作作品,畫面故事說的是MASKBOY與Hua Hua的第一次相遇。接著以“MASK BIG BOY” 與“Hua Hua IN HAND”兩件大型充氣立體作品,把角色立體化帶入真實的世界裡,也延伸故事的後續想像.另外,這次也帶來了“Hua Hua”的立體公仔作品(限量100個),除了讓大家可以收藏外,也期望大家可以把故事帶回家,各自發展。

MASKBOY series started at the end of 2014. Maskboy is not a specific character. MASKBOY can be any living being to me, can be you or me. So the personality of MASKBOY changes and enriches with the life behind the mask.MASKBOY series has been continuously carried out for 7 years. I hope to expand the MASKBOY worldview and develop the “MASK FAM” series. MASKBOY is a member of MASK FAM. Let the entire series focus more on the carrier changes behind the mask, just like a mask family, there are more diverse members, and more creative appearances can be presented.The overall theme this time is around the comic cover artwork “IS EVERYTHING OK? Hua Hua”. The story tells about the first encounter between MASKBOY and Hua Hua. Then with two large inflatable three-dimensional works “MASK BIG BOY” and “Hua Hua IN HAND”, the three-dimensional characters are brought into the real world, and the subsequent imagination of the story is also extended. I also brought a three-dimensional figure of “Hua Hua” (edition of 100), in addition to allowing everyone to collect, but also hope that everyone can take the story home and develop their own.

■ 倒插人 Invertedman


“Struggling on the Epidermis” is an artwork describing those commoners who are just like the meat on the chopping block, seems to have their own freedom to do anything, but still they are under control of this society.  This piece of work applies the epidermis as a stage, the main part of the painting is a piece of flesh with skin on it.  The people living on the epidermis are all the samples from real life, which are the clips from real life, the feelings of heart, and the interpretation of daily language.  Create or replicate paintings as language-like images, and express the understanding and observation of society with a self-deprecating and humorous tone.  The commoners living on the epidermis seem to be free.  However, they are actually manipulated by the structure of the tissue and glands under the skin layer without perceiving how it works, as the hair of the skin.  Just like the world we live in, during the ordinary days, we feel faintly bound by a certain mysterious force.

■ 李奕諠 Yi-Shuan Lee


Yi-Shuan Lee is a Taiwanese-Canadian artist whose art practice includes painting, drawing, photography and sculpture-making.
As a first generation immigrant living in North America, Lee’s works feature a striking play on odd and surreal narratives that are based on his life story.
His works reveal the lives of the youth in this current era, while uncovering the stories of many struggling to outlive the expectations set from previous generations.
Lee finds interest in sharing untold stories from South East Asia and introducing Oriental perspectives in his art. 
Lee received his BFA from OCAD University in 2017, and has since exhibited across Canada, China, France, Italy, Taiwan, and the United States. He currently works from his Toronto, Taipei and Shanghai studios.

■ 朱緹 Dee Chu

身為一位兒時便會與鳥類對話的奇異的女子,Dee 是位插畫家、設計師,也是藝術創作者,作品不限於平面畫作,也積極嘗試不同媒材的可能性。
作品可見於美國 3X3 國際插畫大獎,以及時尚領域如 ELLE、GUCCI、Harper’s BAZAAR、VOGUE 等。

An inquisitive mind that has been having conversations with birds since young, Dee is an illustrator, designer, and an all round creator with a diverse style.
Dee’s creation always start from her observations of animals and natural surroundings around her.
Dee’s tendency to look beyond the confinement of reality allows her to approach her creations with rich patterns as well as a dashes of surrealism, merging and juxtaposing everyday objects with unlikely scenes.

■ 草棉谷RONG

哈囉! 我是RONG,插畫創作者。 喜歡畫一些讓人開心的事物,
這一次展覽帶來的是2021年的創作「怒兒日記」系列的插畫給大家 !

I am an illustrator in Taiwan, I usually use simple colors and crayon style brushes to draw during my personal time after work. Illustrations I draw often relates to things that make people happy in their daily lives. Also, I have started using new art ideas about people’s emotions for my illustrations recently.


XAP從流行消費市場獲取靈感,並朝向藝術性的方向探索前進,希望以簡單的笑容成為每個人生活中的的伴侶。 BE THE COMPANION!

■  桑拿大可 Sangna Take

本名孫大可,英文翻譯SUN, Ta ke。我將Sun翻成「桑」,Take 翻成「拿」,再加上名字「大可」就是「桑拿大可」了。「桑拿」有三溫暖的意思。
主要以繪畫人物為主,藉由眼神、穿搭、肢體結合服裝造型,用「桑拿 Sangna」的風格表現繪畫。大部分的作品以電繪、水彩和壓克力顏料呈現,以大膽隨興的筆觸,乾淨利落的構圖,點出整幅畫的細節,彷彿在作品上做了場時尚秀。

My pseudonym “Sangna Take” comes from the recombination of my full name SUN, Ta-Ke. I translate Sun to “Sang”, and Ta-Ke to “Take.” “Sangna” means sauna in Mandarin. Due to the complexity society nowadays, people live under lots of pressure.
The situation in modern centuries inspires me to create the artworks which can make people feel comfortable, relaxed and stress-free, giving them a short break when watching my artworks even if there is just one minute. On the other hand, I add some erotic elements in my artworks to create another aspect of imagination for people.
Focus on figure painting, and combine with modeling through people’s styling, body movements and the emotion showing in their eyes to create my artwork. Most of the mediums of my artworks are digital painting, watercolor and acrylic with bold stroke and neat composition pointing out the details, as if making a fashion show on my artworks.

【 105組徵件展出藝術家 Open Call illustrators 】

001. 嘰哩呱啦真 Yun Chen


002. 蕭伊珊 Esther xiao


Her work style is mysterious and surreal. She used to presented in a jumping and obscure way, as well as combined with delicate brushstrokes to convey warmth and inspire a connection with viewers.

003. zhuzustep


004. 夏泠凌 eue-teeng


My name is Charlene Ling.I have been interested in painting since I was a child, but because of the reality, I went all the way to business and worked as an accountant for two years after graduating from college .Feeling that life could not go on like this, I left everything I had at the time and went to a studio for seven months to learn to paint.Enrolled in‑service education program at the National Taiwan University of the Arts, and has now graduated.Currently, I am still working as an accountant in order to make a living, but in order to have more time to create, I choose to work part-time and continue to work hard to move forward as a professional illustrator.

005. 無臉男女 No Face Couple

以「無臉」示人,談「男女」之事。無臉男女是分享影視劇集為主的插畫文章,以主題式的圖文與讀者一同反思影劇帶給我們的人生課題。命名為「無臉男女」,主張影劇角色沒有特定面孔,我們之所以會隨著劇情而哭而笑,是因為將自己或身旁的人事物帶入角色。透過每週一篇的插畫文章,希望讓每位讀者或許感動或許會心一笑,或許知道了一部好影劇而回頭補上。總之,我們並不期盼成為鎂光燈底下閃閃發光的 IP 角色,而是成為讀者與優秀影劇間的溝通橋樑。

006. 耶 yeah studio

WOOSAH! yeah studio是我在地球的太空車,我常藉由它享受這個世界尋找有趣又酷的人事物,再利用自己的畫筆轉換成有趣多面向的故事,呈現在大家眼前希望讓喜歡的人都能擁有,也想在短暫的生命裡留下一點自己的痕跡。如果有收聽到這則留言請努力記得我並且趕緊搭上我的太空車一起體驗…#$%^&*…我創造有趣又怪奇的新宇宙…

“Yeah Studio” being my Earth spaceship, always helps me, explore the world and some interesting stuff. After that, turning these experiences into many multi-faceted stories, which will be presented to the public and for those who adore also possess. I wonder to leave my footprint and record every step of my short life. If you hear this message, please try to remember me and get on my ship enjoying together… #$%^&*… I create a new and mind blown universe…

007. tuenhua

1996 台灣創作圍繞著存在、山海、台灣和生活的呢喃。繪畫是一種寄託、連結。每一張圖都有自己的語言只待你如何閱讀。

008. UMA/Freaky Freaky


The orange addicted optimistic Sagittarius
I like observing the world and I’m not good at words, so I put my soul and love
Expressed in my work
Bring the world into my filter!

009. MIYU 秘秘


Recording daily and stories.
Recounting imagination and expectation.
Radiating healing and cutie.
Keep walking.
Hoping that if you see my illustration Inadvertently,
you can get something of me(ノ´∀`)

010. 猴人魚Monkey Mermaid

喜歡把畫面塞滿,在細節中藏巧思,想讓他人在畫面裡找故事。透過生活中的各種靈感與經歷,經由插畫創作,轉換成天馬行空的有趣故事。 雖然生活忙碌的一成不變,但繪畫為我的生命填上了豐富的色彩。我喜愛繪畫,且會一直畫下去。

I like to put a lot of details and passion into my creation. Each piece of my artwork has stories hidden inside its frame. Illustration for me is a process and is really fun and interesting. I turn my ordinary daily life into surreal pieces of work through illustration, and the progress always add colours back into my life. I enjoy being an illustrator and will definitely continue drawing and painting to put more meanings into the world.

011. InkSundae

生活充滿著各種可能性與變化,由 InkSundae 的小故事,你可能看到平日忽視了的事物、未曾發現的自我內心、或是找到解決煩惱的啟發。當我們更了解自己,不論是美好的還是黑暗的,我們才能繼續向前走。 InkSundae 希望以小小的塗鴉,替你辛勞的日子注入一點能量。

Life is full of possibilities and variations. Through the stories of InkSundae, you may see this fabulous world from a slightly different view. The more we understand ourselves, no matter it is bright or dark, the more we can move forward. InkSundae would like to fuel you up like a refreshing sundae, with some tiny doodles.

012. 澤澤貓 sawacat

Hi 大家好 我是澤澤貓  可愛萌萌插畫家
我是一隻兔子 愛吃雞排喔喵

澤澤貓是一隻暖心 童趣的角色

Hi everyone, I’m sawacat, cutest illustrator
I’m a rabbit, I love chicken chops
sawacat is a heart-warming and childlike character
Although he is a cat, because he does not want to be defined by appearance, sawacat thinks he is a rabbit
He wants to meet friends with the look and uniqueness he wants



《FINN’S FRUIT BOX》is like a cartoon I play in my head, where I make up stories between a group of fruity animals, Froggy the frog, and Finney the little girl.

014. 老川 Jun-Peng Chen


Jun-Peng Chen is a slashie. She is a part-time artist. Her works are mostly inspired by animals and little bliss in life.

015. water_mumu 瓦特&G米花


“watermumu” is taken from the chinese word “Hsiang” in my name. Since the personality likes to share things, I created a watermumu community with the  character Water and its pet. My creativity included many creations, such as the community contains all kinds of people. The style of painting is based on cute, color, and distinctive faces, and usually focuses on life sharing and healing pictures. Painting always gives self-healing and satisfaction. I want to keep walking on, and sharing my favorite creations, hopefully, one day my work can bring strength to everyone.

016. Shuma Art

台裔美國藝術家,目前留居於美國加州從事自由接案創作相關工作中。2019年成立SHUMA ART Studio, 創作以一個架空世界觀為主的一系列作品。作品中,擅長使用大自然及自己獨創的動物們去描寫內心的理想國度。這些角色們所營造出的世界與故事,反映著藝術家從現實中體會到的心情,以及腦中幻想之間的衝突。 喜歡用鮮亮的顏色去包覆畫裡的氛圍,透過筆刷的一層層堆疊去描繪虛幻國度的生命力。使用媒材多以壓克力及廣告顏料等媒材展現,也有部分作品以數位繪圖為表現手法。

Taiwanese American artist. I’m a freelance artist and illustrator in Los Angeles, California. In 2019, I set up SHUMA Art Studio. My art works are based on a fictional universe which has some unique lives and nature I created. These characters built up the utopia and stories which represent the reflection of my emotion from the conflict between the reality and illusion. I like to use bright color to be the atmosphere and make multiple layers by brush to represent the vitality in the utopia. Acrylic painting and gouache are my favorite materials to use in my artworks. Sometimes my part of artworks are made by the digital painting.

017. Roupin(阿頻)

從小就想成為藝術家,不過保守的我, 選擇進入設計領域,大學畢業於工業設計系,為了不讓人生留下遺憾,決定先去追夢!在美術系研究所闖蕩了一學年,那段時光過的虛幻又真實,虛幻是陶醉在自己的理想中,真實是「我在幹嘛,還是去工作吧!」現在是個朝九晚五的上班族,以自己的步調持續在創作著,我似乎把自己的人生當作是一場藝術實驗。在2020年建立起外星世界觀,開始進行相關創作,以水彩、水性蠟筆作為媒材,一直以來都是默默地進行創作,直到2021年發起「外星計畫X捐助浪浪們」藝術公益計畫,與他人串連起來並得到正面迴響,時常會反問自己,藝術究竟能帶來什麼,為什麼要這麼執著?我想就是期待有這麼意想不到的驚喜吧!

018. 孫開緒Tommy Sun、林昀Lisa Lin


We were classmates, we became friends because of our interest. Both of us show great passion for visual art. Through illustration and story, we found painting and drawing has influenced our life a lot. We began to realize how important it is to be enthusiastic about something we both loved. We hope this opportunity of the exhibition can uncover the mysterious perspectives of flowers and animals.

019. Moray Studio / Chiehyu Yeh

我是Moray Studio的Chiehyu Yeh,畢業於加州藝術學院插畫學系。著迷於奇幻古怪的插畫題材及童話魔法有關的元素,喜愛使用細膩線條表現作品。

Chieh-yu Yeh is a Taiwanese illustrator currently based in Taiwan. She graduated from California College of the Arts with a BFA in Illustration. Chieh- yu uses both traditional and digital techniques, especially the combination of the water-based medium and digital medium. She is interested in fantasy and bizarre themes; shows her works by using delicate style and colors. Her skills include illustration, surface design, graphic design, and painting.

020. YiJie Chen 陳依婕

YiJie Chen (陳依婕) 是一位榮獲國際獎項肯定的自由職業插畫師。因抵擋不了對於創作的浪漫衝動,而走上大器晚成的藝術創作一途。她於英國愛丁堡藝術學院取得插畫碩士學位。作品描繪著形色個性鮮明的人物,透過其肢體與表情絲毫地流露情感。遊樂園般歡樂的用色與場景描述著後資本主義下人淪為商品本身。偏好自然媒材的筆觸質地與電繪的交織結合。作品於世界各地展出。

YiJie Chen is an award winning freelance illustrator from Taiwan. She graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland, with a MFA in Illustration. Her works express an evocative tone of distinctive surrealism with delicate textures of line and colour. She enjoys making images with a juxtaposition of tranquility and richness, rationality and emotion. Her works are joyful as the colors and scenario in amusement parks, while they creepily talk about people become products in the post-consumerism.

021. 你醜插畫 @UUglydoodle

嗨 我是帕皮吉
品牌名可以唸作 u-ugly-doodle,意思是你醜塗鴉。

Hello I’m Poppy
Life is full of ups and downs. Though not every moment is be perfect, we can still express our feelings through colors!
Surround yourself with bright and positive colors. Let Bennny the bear heal you layback soul.
Why @UUglydoodle?
My brand @UUglydoodle is pronounced as ‘U-Ugly-doodle’. In every gloomy moments, yell out: “U’re Ugly! We are way out of your league! Leave us alone!”

022. Mieui Lin Art Studio

Mieui Lin 出生於1990年,來自台中市神岡區。本名林佳卉,別名美玉、沒有、咩U,暱稱為小吉。 Mieui Lin 主要經營客製肖像畫、商業插畫、品牌合作等相關事業,也是法國獨立精品品牌、台灣獨立出版社、台中國家歌劇院等指定合作的插畫創作者之一。值得一提的是,Mieui Lin 的喜帖作品榮獲台灣《VOGUE》Wedding企劃編輯團隊的強力推薦,報導刊登於《VOGUE》2021年五月號雜誌。 Mieui Lin 擅長於肖像畫,對她來說畫出一個人的特質與特色是繪製的最大初衷,而實踐客戶的理想是訂製的最大意義,因為每幅畫裡面藏著的是客戶的重要回憶。

023. 寧子 NING

寧子 NING 藝術創作者 創作生活微物、生物生存與滅亡、我們的島嶼在地原生種以及過去到未來演化相關議題,思考生態共存或著到另一維度時的樣態。 重複播放著消逝與誕生,在筆筆細膩刻畫中一起找到我們忽略的,時空裡的弱勢。

NING , Art Creator  Create issues related to living microsites, biological survival and extinction, native species  of our islands, and past-to-future evolution, thinking about ecological coexistence or the state of the other dimension. Repeat the fade and birth, in the pen delicate portrayal together to find our neglect, the  weakness of time and space.

024. Wendiwhy的機械男孩 / WendiWhy’s Roboy Cover Story

Wendy Y was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Having grown up both next to the capital city and lived in a small town Subang Jaya, Wendy has built her passion in art through her father who is not an artist but have passion in drawing. Wendy earliest memory of art was asking her father to draw her a bird, she was fascinated the act of drawing since. Throughout her life, Wendy has always been fascinated by images and how the world is represented through the eyes of others. Wendy will continue to draw and practice art for as long as she is alive. To her, drawing is the only way of escaping the reality to her mysterious world of people with odd faces.

025. 琳恩麵包店 Lynn’s Bakery

我是Lynn琳恩,從小就很喜歡吃麵包, 像是蔥花肉鬆麵包、波蘿麵包…, 小時候還曾經在作文裡寫下夢想是開一家麵包店, 長大後沒有開一家麵包店,倒是開始了畫圖的人生, 並把這份夢想融入在圖畫中,希望我的圖能療癒到你。

Hi! I’m Lynn. I’ve liked bread since I was a child, for example, scallion pork floss breads and pineapple buns. These breads are my favorite. When I was young, I was dreaming about starting my own bakery business. Although I don’t make my dream come true, I start my drawing life. I mix my dream in my drawing. Hope my drawing can comfort you.

026. Beryl Wu

平面設計背景,從 2020 年開始手繪創作,觀察日常生活的物件,偶爾帶有些情趣的幽默,嘗試用不同媒材表現想說的故事。

Graphic designer background, started painting and creating art works last year. Observe objects in daily life, try to experiment the paintings with different materials.

027. LILIZ ART |莉莉子

張莉雯 Liliz,現為「Liliz Art 手感日常」工作室主理人,遊走於時尚與當代藝術之間,常受國際品牌指定為合作夥伴。主要從事品牌合作、現場時尚繪畫、私人訂製畫作與時尚花卉/人物繪畫工作坊。 「時尚花卉」與「風格人物」為教學特色,擅長運用水彩、壓克力與插畫墨水,以細緻俐落與肌理堆疊的筆法呈現溫柔氛圍。透過時尚文化下的形象產物,對時下女性做為主體、對當代社會的探索與反思。 曾個展於台中黑白切藝文空間、台北厭式會社等展演空間;聯展於2021春季當代藝術沙龍展、台北插畫藝術節等,並曾受邀於國立台北藝術大學藝推中心開班授課;商業部分則為各大國際精品指定合作——Polo Ralph Lauren、Levi’s、VOLVO、雅詩蘭黛集團與資生堂集團等旗下多項品牌插畫合作。

Liliz, the founder of LILIZ ART, mainly engaged in performing arts, commission customized paintings and illustration, live-event painting, and business collaboration. Passionate in teaching and painting, specialized in watercolor and acrylic creation. My works major in painting fashion portraits and flowers, with exquisite and neat drawing, outline the women in city’s posture. I had solo exhibitions at Black Blank Gallery, and The Misanthrope Society. Besides, I had an illustration collaboration with “500 times”publication, ELCA Inc. Taiwan, Polo Ralph Lauren, Levi’s, VOLVO cars as well as teaching cooperating with TNUA & Xiang Art.

028. 麥片郎 Oucheat

麥片郎 Oucheat 麥片郎,1998年生。 熱衷探索與研究人類關係和情感的藝術家, 並將這些概念轉化為作品,以反映人類在當代社會中的問題。

Oucheat, born in 1998. An artist interested in exploring the human’s relationship and emotion, and convert these concepts into artwork to reflect human’s obvious issues in contemporary society.

029. Nomelori


I’m Lori, a fashion designer and an illustrator. My illustration ideas usually come from daily life, friends stories, stories in the workplace. I like to share those with others and then get used to recording everything with my paintings.

030. Yuz Draw Cooking 美食插畫

Yuz(游千瑩),台北人。 過去為廣告公司的2D動畫師,現為自由電繪插畫家/影像創作者。 從影片到插畫,為了求最適切的感情和思想傳達,喜好運用各種媒材作為創作媒介。 筆下Yuz Draw Cooking系列插畫,是以食物和動物日常為題材,以療癒忙碌都市 人為主題的電繪作品,希望能帶給觀者溫暖的能量。

Yuz(Fiona Yu), a food Illustrator & motion graphics designer based in Taiwan. She has been devoted to the field of motion graphics design and illustration since 2013. To convey the most appropriate feelings and thoughts, she likes to create artworks with mixed media. The mealtime puts people in a good mood. Inspired by this, Yuz drew a series of food illustrations, hoping those artworks can help to release stress for busy urbanites.

031. 33_original 女子的日常生活插畫

擅長描繪女子生活中的各種面貌, 以鮮豔配色和趣味線條構成充滿共鳴的作品。

032. 摸摸渣渣 MOMOZAZA

關於 MOMOZAZA : 是找尋生活中有趣日常,結合一點可愛略帶怪奇插畫風格,為生活帶點樂趣。

About MOMOZAZA : Searching for daliy fun and illustrating cute and quirky style, MOMOZAZA brings you joy of life.

033. 愛華華 AI_HUA_HUA

愛華華,台北,插畫設計自由工作者。2019炎炎夏日中個人品牌出生了,名為「愛華華 AI-HUA-HUA」。承認三分鐘熱度的我,只希望能自由地拿著畫筆到老。品牌特別喜愛用霓虹或是螢光色彩,感覺就像是沉醉在眼花撩亂的繽紛世界,也同時象徵自己想要達到的美好幻想領域,美式漫畫加上奇幻搞怪效果也是我的獨特風格。

034. 鮭魚子 Salmon roe



035. 陳玥年 Ash Chen

Ash Chen 出身於 1985年台灣高雄,作品風格多元,目前主要發展的風格為寫實人物肖像插圖以及較為童趣的繪本插圖。

036. 渣男熊宇宙觀/playbear520

在國中時期接觸Gif就深感興趣, 所以開始繪製各種不同Gif 。目前在GIPHY網站為藝術家身分, 努力發展國外GIPHY社群網站 。自己也是一名在醫院工作的醫療人員, 希望在疫情期間可以藉由畫圖畫出童趣的小動物們帶給大家療癒的感覺 。

Ever since middle school, I have been creating various Gif as an interest. Now that I am working as an illustrator on a Gif website, I have dedicated myself in developing the Gif community. Being a medical associate at the same time, my ultimate goal is to bring tranquility and soothingness through these playful animals during this pandemic.

037. 神奇光線,發射 shen Qi Guang Xian Fa She

神奇光線發射 #音樂畫家,作品以獨立音樂的場景,樂手為主體,創作精神受蘇格蘭電音樂隊 CHVRCHES 影響,目標是有一天能跟主唱Lauren結婚,和他去日本做拉麵美食蜜月之旅。作品以油漬搖滾流行電子樂隊[神奇樂團]為創作核心,藉由虛擬樂團來描寫音樂人的價值觀跟生活態度,樂隊成員有來自蘇格蘭格拉斯哥的蘿倫.芬妮擔任主音,來自台南的艾 蜜莉(emily)擔任吉他手,來自台北的馨如(sinru)擔任鼓手,是女子三人編制的樂團。

I am Zinan, a cartoonist from Taiwan. I have been one of your biggest fan ever since I first came across CHVRCHES’s song in 2014. Your songs have been my biggest comfort that encourages me to keep on chasing my dreams. For the past few years, I having been making 1000+ comics of CHVRCHES on Twitter and Instagram. My recent work is “Lauren Fanning”, it’s a story about a band of 3 girls, “Magical”. I really look forward to cooperating with CHVRCHES one day. It will mean the world to me if one day I can make you CHVRCHES’ album cover or posters!

038. 浪漫人 Langmanren

浪漫人「小智」的「浪漫」不是羅曼蒂克式的,而是對創作「堅持的浪漫、無畏的浪漫、做夢的浪漫」。 浪漫人於2016年開設臉書粉專,創作的靈感來自生活中的感受,「持續創新創作」為浪漫人的初衷。2017年走出線上經營,創作的模式及產品也更加多元,將藝術創作融入大眾生活中。目標開拓更多元創新的創作模式,建立浪漫人的創作世界觀,並走向國際、向世界介紹台灣的創作藝術。

Establisher of “ Langmanren”, Helen, defines “romance” as same as Romanticism. “Langman” ( 浪漫)doesn’t literally mean “romantic” in Chinese, but the spirit of persistent, fearless, and dreaming for creation. Langmanren started up on Facebook since 2016. The intention of Langmanren is continuous innovative creation, which the creation always inspired by daily feelings. Langmanren has joined holiday market, creator bazaar since 2017 which diverse the creative model and products. The collection extend from illustration, stickers, badge, decorations, to mural, paper art, and ceramic art etc. Besides the collections, Helen has created lots of characters to spread idea and has made art easier in popular. Langmanren is building its own creating worldview and discovering different method to express art. To be international and introduce Taiwanese original creation to the world, Langmanren keeps on developing diversified and innovative creative methods.

039. Katherine Yang

Katherine Yang 從小就是一個夜貓。燈一關,腦袋就會開始胡思亂想,進入一個無止盡的黑洞,呈現出心裡一幕幕的寫照。她的作品用開心的的人物與喜悅的顏色以表達讓人沈思的觀點與想法是她的作品特色。

Katherine Yang is an illustrator, designer, and a night owl. Her whimsical, colorful looking illustrations are visual representations of her battling with her obsessive intrusive thoughts, which always gets out of control at night. Katherine is a recent graduate from Parsons the New School of Design, class of 2020.

040. CG-圓藝家


041. 薯泥沙拉 Nisa

嗨!歡迎來到薯泥沙拉的世界! 請帶著輕鬆愉快的心情一起來玩耍~泥沙,今年22歲,喜歡畫畫,善於用繽紛的色彩,畫出自己的腦內世界,紀錄生活中的胡思亂想,快樂碎片及情感體悟。希望把人生的畫布填滿喜歡的色彩,持續做自己喜歡的事。

042. 夢遊地帶 Sleepwalking zone

探索藝術的靈魂,時代的美學,在虛擬的現實中,神秘的小店裡,滿足你的視覺與心靈 ,在現實與夢境之間,這裡是樂園的入口 _ 夢遊地帶 ✨

Explore the soul of art, the aesthetics of the times, in virtual reality, in a mysterious shop, satisfy your vision and soul, between reality and dream, here is the entrance to the paradise _ Sleepwalking Zone ✨

043. Thisis Yali

Thisis Yali 插畫設計工作室成立於2020,創作者陳亞立在接案教書之餘也透過個人創作抒發生活中的微哲理。時而溫柔時而瘋狂的女孩常常是作品中的主角,主題囊括人物、植物、3D復古物件。不定期生產限量插畫周邊如月曆、孔版海報、貼紙、印花等小物,享受將產品如禮物般的交到消費者手中的過程,並相信透過插畫的力量每個人都可以找到生活中的一些火花!

Thisis Yali Illustration &Design Studio founded in early 2020.  Funder and the creator Chen Yali works on self published illustration art work other than freelancing and teaching. Illustration are often are life experience inspired situation. The studio published calendar, riso print, stickers and many other design good. It’s a happy process from making the design to handing the final product to the customer as a gift. We stronger believe that everyone can find some sparkle in life through the power of illustration!

044. 韞麑 yunni

韞麑yunni,插畫創作者。實習時創造這些角色,希望可以一直創造他們的故事溫暖大家。等待的日子,大多都是那摸不著邊際的燦爛,刻畫一些相遇,記錄著一些發生的事,也幻想一些浪漫的事。 有些溫柔不僅僅是言語,而是相知相惜的陪伴。願每一段旅程都有人陪你。

045. 楊軒 Kat



2021 Society of Illustrators Exhibition 紐約插畫家協會 入圍
2020 Society of Illustrators Exhibition 紐約插畫家協會 入圍
2020 3×3 International Illustration Show 3×3插畫年鑑 入圍

Katherine Yang is a Taiwanese illustrator based in New York City. She graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a BFA in illustration. Using mainly watercolor and digital media, her work captures senses of movements and emotions inside a vast space. She also enjoys composing a bit of music with the piano in her spare time!

046. 中山伴遊郎 Curly escort

毛捲捲的一隻狗,睜大眼睛等著妳,放鬆腳步慢慢走,踩著我們的故事,可愛是牠的武器,療癒是牠的使命,生產幸福當專業,我們叫牠“伴遊郎“。 中山伴遊郎是插畫家李翰,在以電腦繪圖,鮮豔顏色,粗黑線條為創作招牌後,經過疫情期間被用不完的時間啟發,重新回到紙筆的全新創作系列。以一隻狗的視角,畫出中山與女孩的故事。 中山,是個新舊參半,未來的步道旁開著第三代五金行的地方,每天在中山遛狗會發現大多數的人都走得太快,因此想推薦一些散步的景點,把中山當成故事的舞台。 遛狗,認識中山最好的方式,這裡不但店家對寵物友善,連路人都藏不住稱讚,明明牠們是如此的下流,卻常常收到尖叫的可愛。 女孩,中山最美的風景,在這裡散步能看到台北女孩美麗的100種方式,用手機偷拍令人反感,但把她們漂亮畫在紙上,卻是件浪漫的事。 台灣插畫家李翰,從事商業插畫十餘年,以角色設計為主,創作過 ”舉牌小人” 與 “ 快樂骻下 “,曾與台灣啤酒,Nike,IKEA,Uniqlo 等國內外知名品牌合作,其創作領域涵蓋插畫、平面設計、乃至於商品,同時也舉辦各種活動與計畫。” 中山伴遊郎 “ 則轉換與過往都不同的風格呈現都會的少女畫風。

047. Liyi Hsieh


048. 鴨寶 Where’s Hazel?

鴨寶,平面設計師,因熱愛自然風景,有台灣百岳、日本富士山的登山經驗,並於2018至2019年間,前往匈牙利打工度假,完成長達數千公里的歐洲朝聖之路。除了在FB專頁〈鴨寶Where’s Hazel?〉分享健行經驗與不同類型的創作者外,也常在IG@cyhs2017分享個人的速寫作品。

Hazel Chang, a graphic designer who loves nature landscapes has a lot of unforgettable experiences of hiking in Taiwan and in Japan. She went to Hungary for working holiday and finished Camino de Santiago from Hungary to Spain more than 3000 km. You can find these photos and sketches of hiking on FB ”Where’s Hazel?” and IG @cyhs2017.

049. YCY

YCY 插畫創作者
一個永遠指路都會反方向 喜歡畫畫的人

顏色好像有點衝突 但衝突的剛好
就像草莓肉鬆蛋吐司 好像有點怪異
如果喜歡 不要喜歡的剛剛好 再多一些會更好

050. 唐葫蘆姑娘 miss_tanghulu


Tanghulu is an illustrator and graphic designer from Taiwan, who is accomplished in coloring and character design. She is particularly fascinated by Chinese culture and religions, which has brought out her iconic style. Her inspirations in her illustration come from interesting details in real life. She believes that illustration is not just a bearing of story and temperature, she hopes that illustration will rewrite history as well.

051. 金玉水草平文創工作室 JYSCP Ciel

於2020年改名為劉鈺萍,決定用新名字拆解重組為品牌《金玉水草平》,代表我自己。 我的身體內住著兩個靈魂並想嘗試不同風格和不同議題。近期以體操選手兔子《CMY rabbit》來呈現這個繽紛的世界。

Changed its name to Liu Yuping in 2020, and decided to use the new name to disassemble and reorganize it into the brand “Jin Yu Shui Cao Ping”, representing myself. There are two souls in my body and I want to try different styles and different topics. Recently, this colorful world is presented with the gymnast rabbit “CMY rabbit”.

052. 嘰哩 Jily

Jily嘰哩去畫畫了,牠們早期出現於部落格的文字裡,現在總是在日常生活裡跑龍套。 擅長搞怪搗亂的嘰哩常在日常中加油添醋,但也畫龍點睛,像很甜的奶茶、邪惡的精緻澱粉一樣,溫暖濃厚的標配,妄帶給人一份熱鬧的心靈撫慰。 今年結束長達六年的上班族身份,希望圓一份畫畫的夢,現階段為自由插畫工作者,2019-2021曾以插畫創作參與臺灣戲曲中心系列活動視覺,2021入圍波隆那插畫展決賽。

053. 陳怡揚 YiYang Chen

新竹縣竹東人。 幾次旅行之後,逐漸找到屬於自身的信仰,並回到台灣民俗的懷抱。常於廟會場合速寫、並將傳統民俗結合現代生活,開創不同的插圖組合實驗,希望越來越多人以自身的信仰為榮。

Born and raised in Hsinchu County. Found my own belief after journey to the world. Spend time doing sketches in temples and traditional festivals in Taiwan and try to combine taiwanese traditional belief with modern culture.

054. Astrid W. 阿脆

台北長大,目前定區在台中。 喜歡關注時事,所以也將看見的事物放進插畫中,開啟了『說故事系列』 早晨美好的一杯咖啡,靠著落地窗,窗外還有一隻長頸鹿,就是夢想中的工作室, 2021才重拾童年最喜歡的畫筆,也要繼續畫下去。

055. 灰塵魚dust fish


Yi-Chen Lee,pen name is Dust Fish.She is a substitute teacher in the daytime,and be a illustrator at night.Cooperation contains Press,magazine and enterprises. She loves animals,and loves to draw with animals. Her representative work is cat athlete.

056. 蛋妹 ViviChen Illustration

ViviChen Illustration 是一個插畫品牌,由蛋妹繪製。一個腦中有很多想法的女子,於2012開始插畫創作與接案的生活,默默在插畫領域經營多年。她的插畫作品藏著淡淡憂鬱的心靈反思。偏愛手繪筆觸的細膩與飽和色彩,善於賦予圖像說故事的空間想像,畫中藏著象徵及隱喻。商業作品則多見於文學書籍、文章,報紙副刊及各商業類。

ViviChen Illustration is an illustration brand which created by Vivi Chen( 蛋妹).She is a freelance illustrator based-in Taipei, Taiwan. She majors in fine arts in college and has worked as an illustrator for over 8 years after graduation. Her experience has covered newspapers, novels and commercial advertisements. Her works often portray with details and turn daily objects into content with metaphors. She likes to focus on abstract feeling and atmosphere.

057. 只會亂畫 Jrhueiii

1998那年,爸媽在算命師的取名清單中,選了筆劃最少的「芷卉」而得名。喜歡以好記好玩的諧音「只會」來介紹自己;第一次畫似顏繪,可能會把大家畫歪所以是「只會亂畫」。 平時小胖呆和阿鬼會穿梭在「只會」創作的山景和物件之中,探索世界不同的角落,也希望有天會有更多人認識他們!

I am Jrhuei, and I was born in 1998. I was named 「芷卉」because among the names the fortune teller provided, it’s the one with the least strokes. I like to introduce myself as 「只會」(can only), the words pronounced the same as my mandarin name, because it’s funnier and more impressive to say so. Also, I name myself 「只會亂畫」due to that I was afraid of failing when first time caricaturing. When creating my works, I like to draw some yellow chubby figures and A-gui, especially them in mountains or them exploring the world. I hope one day more people will know them!

058. 萱 Hsuan

萱 Hsuan ,一邊謀生一邊創作,從植物病理轉彎到設計後,持續嘗試在不媒材間轉換,最近剛與夥伴開啟刺青的旅程。 曾去日本短暫生活過,北漂資歷2年半,和一隻公主病黑貓一起生活。 作品用色鮮豔強烈,跟一身黑白灰的本人完全相反。擅長將抽象的事物轉換成具體的角色、畫面,仔細觀察作品細節,會發現藏有許多小故事在裡面,獵奇又不失溫度。

I’m Hsuan, who make a living while creating. After turning from plant pathology to design, I continue to try switching between different materials and has just started tattooing with my partner recently. I once lived in Japan for a short period of time. I have been in Taipei for 2.5 years and lived with a princess sick black cat. My works use bright and strong colors, completely opposite to myself, who usually wear the black, white and gray color. I like to transform abstract things into concrete characters and pictures. If you carefully observe the details of the works, you will find that there are many stories hidden inside.

059. 查高ChaKao

我是查高插畫ChaKao頭貼是在做快樂餅乾,想要分享餅乾給大家。插畫對我而言是一個能夠傳遞正面能量的方式,希望大家看到我的作品都能夠收到正面的能量! 我擅長的風格有動物與食物系列,喜歡畫動物搭配自己設計過的復古配色背景,平常有在社群網站分享自己的作品步驟圖與插畫作品,在YT頻道上也有分享插畫相關影片,假日偶爾會去參加市集活動,藉由市集接觸客人、介紹經營理念與販售自己的商品。

060. 寶拉胖 polla.paint

寶拉胖 (Polla Paint),生長於台灣的插畫創作者,目前居住於台北。 喜愛繪製風景與人物之間的關係,多採用電子媒材創作,擅長運用細膩的線條勾勒出和諧整齊的畫面,並使用明亮的色彩帶出活潑的氛圍,再搭配全景構圖呈現大器之感。 個人創作多以自身經歷出發,將日常景色與回憶揉捻成畫,作品不僅畫面豐富,同時也飽含豐沛的情感。作品《初心》就是以澳洲生活為主題進行創作。

Polla Paint A Taiwan-based illustrator living in Taipei Fond of depicting the relationships between landscapes and figures, Polla employs digital media to create her artworks. With her skill of drawing delicate lines to compose harmonious and organized imageries, Polla’s paintings also feature vivid colors and panoramic compositions that bring out lively atmosphere and grandeur. Her artistic inspiration primarily comes from her personal experience. By transforming everyday scenes and memories into paintings, her works are thus visually enriched and full of emotions. The work “Unchanging” is a creative project based on her life experience in Australia.

061. SEAN藝術設計聯合工作室—『醉後世界』SEAN Art Design Joint Studio-“The World After Drunk”


Lo , born on August 19th, 1985, is a Leo with blood type O. He can’t function normally without a full sleep of 8 and a half hours. He is known as a slashes who can do computer aided design, a bass player of an underground band called Sideffect and Dying Chelsea, and is ,on top of that, also a father of 8 dogs and 17 cats. Graduating from Fu-Hsin Trade & Arts School Lo went on major in Visual Communication Design  of Jinwen University of Science and Technology. He is currently engaging in Corporate Identity, business design, art illustration and website design. He now owns a multipurpose design studio.Lo is very much good at picture associating and line drawing. He loves to remove the boundary between art and design with blurring, combining the two or even with an completely different aspect. He believes, “ What makes the best design is the richness and abundance of art. And what makes great art is the ingenuity of design. “This time, Lo is invited to join this exhibition” the world of hangover” , and he would love to enrich people’s mind of the interdependent relationship between art and design in a humorous yet mind-blowing  way.

062. BLYTHE TSAI 布萊絲

布萊絲(Blythe Tsai),身兼大學兼任講師、中世紀英國文學研究者、繪者等斜槓身份。一人一貓生活實踐者。在英國進行研究訪問期間因緣際會學習版畫入門,開始密集以版畫創作,擅長凸板。目前計為兩本書籍配圖《老謝的臺灣紀行》(今周刊,2021)、《海獅說歐洲趣史》(圓神,2019)。絹印作品「毛茸茸的擁抱」展於「2018高雄灰灰基地美術館《抱抱》罐頭聯展」。

Blythe Tsai, adjunct lecturer / medievalist / printmaker. She used to study printmaking at Leeds College of Arts during her PhD research visit in the UK. She specialises in relief printmaking in particular and has been commissioned to make printmaking illustrations for two books, published respectively in 2019 and 2021. One of her screen-printing art works entitled “Fluffy Hug” was displayed in a joint exhibition at Huei-Huei Gallery in Kaohsiubg, 2018.

063. 艾V Yellow Wednesday

由ivchen擔任插畫品牌 ”艾V Yellow Wednesday” 的右手,品牌名稱由插畫家名字、喜歡的顏色及一周裡最喜歡的日期組成。 希望藉著此品牌把喜愛的事物與大家分享,藉由插畫中無俚頭的角色在生活中為大家注入溫暖及想像力。近期插畫作品以創作的角色”阿人”為主角,阿人就像你身邊那個有點內向、有點佛系的朋友,以記錄阿人生活體驗所做的畫作,描述平凡生活中的小樂趣。

Ivchen is the illustrator who creates her brand named ”艾V Yellow Wednesday”. This brand is composed of the name of the illustrator, her favorite color, and her favorite day of the week. In addition, the illustration brand would like to share some works with everyone and bring warmth and imagination into everyone’s life through the characters who have cute personalities and funny-looking features. Recently, Ivchen uses the character “Aren” as the protagonist. Aren may represent one kind of your friends around you. These friends are a little introverted and live a Buddha-like life. All the illustrations are created to record Aren’s life experience and also describe the small pleasures of ordinary life.

064. 軍事基地 aaartistlife

我叫徐軍, 從台灣到澳洲5600公里,用插畫創作來拉近彼此的距離。 雖然語言有隔閡透過插畫和用自己的角度寫下故事。 畢竟藝術是不需要言語也能溝通的。 這些插畫代表我所走過的路, 也希望喜歡的人有一天也能循著卡片找到自己的目的地。

My name is Jung. The distance between Taiwan and Australia is 5,600 kilometers, and I use illustration creation to narrow the distance between each other. Although there is a language problem, I can communicate with local people through illustrations. After all, art can communicate without words. These illustrations represent the path I have traveled, I also hope that people I like can one day follow the card to find their destination.

065. 列拿 Lena_word_world


Lena, which means “bright” and “shining,”  is the sun of God in Russian. A sun shower is a weather phenomenon that penetrates all the emotions, such as the bright sun and rain at the same time. Like our lives are full of happiness and sorrow. These are from my text creations, called “#Lena’s Sun Words.” (pun) As for illustrations, they are “#Lena’s Fox Marriage,”  included. It’s because a sun shower is seen as “the marriage of the foxes” in Japanese. In order not to be found by humans, the foxes prayed to God for rain and hid behind it, so the team passed the village successfully. I have built “lena_word_world” on Instagram since 2015. I also have had a new identity as a illustration intern since 2021. “To be romantic fully and live hard.” Life might let you cry when eating and pretend to be the bravest person with a smile. Therefore, I hope I can save you in a romantic way little by little, just like magic.


竹工凡花,取自於自己的名字。 喜歡動植物,喜歡溫暖細膩的手質感創作,喜歡藉由雙手,透過筆與紙碰觸的這些時刻,繪製成一幅幅散發和煦光芒的畫,你可以看我的作品而微笑,也可以讓我為你完成一幅畫而微笑。

067. 陳唯軒-W3lson


A digital drawings artist. W3lson is the author. Coco is his mind. Ramn is the spokesman.

068. Shen ㄚ審

我享受於將顏料展開、相互暈染及堆疊的時候。 喜歡透過不同動物的形體來抒發自身情感,以夢幻的流動線條描繪動物的形體,並藉此傳達自身的想法與所關注的議題。 對我來說,畫畫是可以讓我暫時逃離混沌壓力與紛亂生活的方式。總是執起畫筆便能揮霍整日,沈浸在只有自己的世界裡,認真感受內心真實的一切,一點一點的練習更喜歡自己一些。

069. 許雅琪 C.H.I illustration


070. 王鉉Herz

王鉉,生於三月台北。 在各式兩極中尋找非絕對平衡 致力沈迷於生活及創作。

Hey I’m Herz. I was born in Taipei in March. Wanna find a balance between my many different points of view and present those feelings in my works. Life is about having good wine…time 🙂 also keep creatinggggg !

個人作品請往這邊走唷:D IG: herz__34

071. 阿佩佩 peipie_153cm

我是阿佩佩,本來是練體育的,從小到大就很喜歡畫圖,大學之後就決定轉換跑道讀了設計系。覺得插畫最棒的就是,每張不同的圖,在每個不同的人眼裡都有不一樣的感受、想法。 我喜歡在自己的圖裡畫些小細節,希望你們可以感受到療癒:D

072. 林昕慧 HsiHui illustration

本業為平面設計師,收藏繪本成癮,沈浸在插畫帶給生活的體驗,喜歡運用鮮豔的色彩,注入一點點故事,期望能用畫筆說說話。 合作過的對象包含出版業、網路媒體及學校單位,除了商業類插畫,也針對自己關心的議題創作插畫與繪本,常用的創作媒材是壓克力、廣告顏料和數位繪圖。


「想要擁有一個屬於自己的空間,不管外面多麼紛擾,我還是想回到一個只屬於我的地方,好好喘息,就是我的家。」 Rachel Yang 瑞秋是插畫家及印花設計師。她擅長數位創作及喜好飽和、明亮和對比鮮明的色彩,尤其是她時常探索現代與自然間的平衡,她的創作啟發於近十年來多國的旅行和重回台灣的生活,重視與自己不同的文化和事物。生活中充滿了細節,等待她探索發現,並在她的作品中表現出來。 在這次她的首展中,展示出她如何運用插畫到設計出現代新穎的波希米亞熱帶風情的連續印花,並使用在實際可以使用的布料、鞋子、家飾品及包裝產品上。而最後她更是反推這些概念回到了她的插畫作品中,塑照出理想居家風格的明信片、卡片和海報上,以她自己的步調,慢慢地將 MSRY 這個插畫及印花品牌變得更全面,並傳遞出一個理想安居樂家的想法給對家都有個夢想的各位。

” I want to have a space of mine no matter how turbulent outside. I still want to return to a place that belongs only to me, take a good breath in My Home.” Rachel Yang is a freelance surface pattern designer who focuses on experimenting with colors and organic elements to give nature a modern look. She values not only the inspiration from a decade of global traveling and bringing those precious memories into patterns, but also exploring around the neighborhood streets to find her design spark which brings immense joy to her work. Rachel’s creative journey started with fashion design and has ended in her true calling – pattern design and illustration. In this her first exhibition, she showed how she used illustrations to design modern and tropical bohemian prints for textiles, shoes, home decor, jewelry, and packaging products. In the end, she reversed these concepts into her illustration works, sculpting the ideal home-style postcards, greeting cards, and posters. At her own pace, she slowly transformed MSRY, an illustration and surface pattern design brand, into a better one. Comprehensively and convey the idea of an ideal peaceful home to everyone who has a dream for a home.

074. This_is_jimmywu

比起色彩繽紛的畫面,更喜歡墨與水相結合所產生的化學變化。每次得到的結果都如同羅夏克墨漬測驗(Rorschach Ink-Blot Test)般難以預測,而這份充滿不確定的期待與緊張感也令我沉醉其中。以生活中較為輕鬆、詼諧的感觸為題,以圖像的方式將無形的”感覺”化為具象的平面物質,相較於男性,女性通常是多愁善感、感性的代名詞,因此藉由女性的形象作為情感的形式表現;配合弔詭逗趣的姿勢加上若有所指的標題,為單調乏味的生活增添多一點的想像與趣味。

075. 太迪了TeddyZ

太迪,是一個現居台南的平凡女子。 創作靈感來自生活的風吹草動,及各種內心失序的痕跡。 相信每個人心裡都有柔軟的「小花」與硬卻脆弱的「石頭」, 在這不斷變動的世界中,努力尋找自己的平衡。 但一切都好不容易,例如自信心常年太低了,血色素值被測出太低了,團體合照時頭太低了…。 所以太迪想告訴你:「難免不小心又『太』怎麼了,都沒關係喔。」

076. 9867 LAB

9867LAB ,庚子年夏末的新店溪旁孕育出來的玖捌陸柒工作室,由藝術家 Nani 與設計師 4hsuan 所成立。創作領域跨足藝術與設計,喜歡嘗試以不同媒材創作,包含平面繪畫,攝影、插畫與捏陶。擅長創造出獨特的寧靜自然空間氛圍,以熟練的筆觸與色塊組合勾勒出想表達的故事畫面,似夢非夢,介於真實和幻想之間的穿插。歡迎大家的光臨!

9867LAB is a studio by artist Nani and designer 4hsuan in 2020. We create works both in art and design, and the creations include painting, photography, illustration, and pottery. We have a great interest in manufacturing with different materials and our characteristic is distinct atmosphere of quiet nature. You are more than welcome to surf here, somewhere between reality and imagination, like a dream yet not, with the scenes made up of strokes and color blocks, in which our story is told.

077. 喂,wei | weiweistudio

喂,wei | weiweistudio 是weiweiboy於2012年開始在facebook上發表的圖文創作品牌。 希望能透過一點小小的力量,讓世界再可愛一點,繪製療育的各種圖文,即便現實世界再辛苦,也能因為我的插畫獲取一些可愛的能量,繼續向前。 並在LINE WEBTOON上分享自身有趣的戀愛漫畫,有不同面向的插畫發展!

weiweistudio is an illustration creation brand launched by weiweiboy on facebook in 2012. No matter how hard the real world is, I hope you can get some lovely energy from my illustrations and make the world a little cuter And share my interesting life comics on LINE WEBTOON, and there are different aspects of the development of illustrations!

078. GLART | 甜甜。愛。無可取代

林依婷,從來不覺得自己會畫畫! 卻在畫畫的過程裡療癒,看見新的自己。 因此希望藉由『插畫』+『甜點』+『愛』帶給別人療癒感受! 『一個甜點, 幾個人物, 加上一個場景, 交織成了一個故事。』 畫的不只是甜點, 更有關於愛!

079. 柔伊插畫 Zoe Chuang Illustration

我是柔伊,白天專注於繪畫創作,同時接受商業設計案件,自2016年起至今,陸續和天仁茗茶、統一、今生金飾等品牌合作;晚間成為繪畫教學老師,自2018年開始從事教學 ,教授範疇有:成人水彩畫、成人色鉛筆繪畫、Adobe Photoshop電腦繪圖。

I am Zoe. I create my art works and take commission jobs during the day time. I worked with several brands, such as TenRen’s Tea, Tzuo An Coffee, UNI- PRESIDENT ENTERPRISES CROP, etc. On the other hand, I host different art workshops during the night. I first started teaching watercolor since 2018, then I found out I enjoy sharing every much. After that I began to teach and hope I can share the joy of creating to other people.

080. 有樂實驗室 studio allove


Studio allove is an ongoing visual communication project that seeks to construct a stage to connect and resonate with people across time and space through diverse works. The latest series explores the idea of self-awareness, by depicting genuine feelings with vibrant colors and powerful lines, thus creating a new perspective that breaks the boundaries between the real and the imagined.

081. Pixel Jeff 皮傑


Started creating pixel arts since 2013, and work as Freelancer for several years. Presenting as illustration and motion graphics. Most of the themes have combined local Taiwanese culture with “Cyberpunk” universe. I’ve be part of some collaborations like musicians/bands and brands.

082. 伍佰是一隻貓 Bai bai the Cat

我是Monroe,經營一個以自己的貓為創作主題的文創品牌, 我用漫畫紀錄我與我的貓的生活點滴,也喜歡畫溫暖可愛又充滿小細節的插畫, 把畫面的每一個角落都塞滿貓咪,貓咪幾乎永遠都是一直線的笑眼, 希望看的人都能感受到滿滿的幸福。

Hi! I’m Monroe. I own a cultural and creative brand using my cat as the creative theme. I use comics to record my life with my cat. I also like to draw warm and cute illustrations full of small details, with every corners of the picture filled with cats. The cats I draw almost always smiling which I hope everyone sees them can feel full of happiness.

083. Kai-kai Adventure


I am Kaito, currently a freelance illustrator and a preschool art teacher. My style of painting is cute and warm. I hope my works will calm your anxiety by showing the self-created “Deer Kai-kai” and various animal characters walking in the fantasy landscape. My short-term goal is to publish my own picture book, and to share my thoughts with people around the world.

084. BABYSIX16


085. 日 青 屾 行 Rì qīng shēn xíng


Rì qīng shēn xíng is a sculpture studio run by Mr. Xiaolin and Toriko. Both of them have graduated from the Sculpture Department of National Taiwan University of Arts. They have had more than seven years of artistic experience specializing in metal and mixed media. In their everyday life, Mr. Xiaolin is particularly good at remodeling various materials and metal sculptures of different sizes. As for Toriko. she specializes in mixed media illustrations and the general affairs of the studio. At this time, the studio focuses on a jointly developed series of paper sculptures inspired by illustrations as our main product. Through combining Toriko’s style of line art illustrations and Mr. Xiaolin’s specialization in part-built models, we have produced a warming series of mixed media creations. The exhibition this time centers the story background at The Secluded Forest while making the quirky Fairy Bird as the protagonist.

086. 何迪西 Dipsy Ho


I’m Dipsy Ho, an illustration artist located in Taipei, creating nostalgia imagery based around retro-futurism, Vparwave/Synthwave style. My main inspirations are pulp Sci-Fi, graphic novels, retro videoentertainments, and early internet culture. I’m currently working as an Illustrator and concept artist.


FINN CHEN畢業於舊金山藝術學院插畫系。


088. 偵探H.Z小姐 Lady.ho.zzz&何㿛 ho.zzzz

何㿛/偵探H.Z小姐 畫水墨和電繪 自己的難以言喻的情緒用水墨抒發 而幻想出來的那些發生在社會角落的故事 用電繪漫畫畫出來

089. 洋芋太太慢半拍 mrspotato2016

洋芋太太( Ti )從小就很喜歡畫畫﹐小時候常常跟媽媽一起趴在地上畫畫﹐上課畫﹐下課畫,坐捷運的時候也要畫,有一天夢到醫生跟我說﹐你只剩2星期壽命的時候﹐第一件事竟然是攤開一張大畫紙開始一直畫﹐到底是有多喜歡畫畫!我也不太懂。 我不是專職的插畫家,只是一般的設計工作者,同事建議我可以試試看畫餐點,剛開始覺得自己畫不出來,嘗試畫食物之後,就一畫不可收拾,洋芋太太這個名字也是當時同事取的,所以變換插畫家身份的時候就變成洋芋太太了。吉祥物是干貝與仙貝,為什麼呢? 以前在台南念大學的時候,常會和幾個同學在宿舍裡玩耍,因為我們的神經都很大條,常常會亂講:你的神經跟干貝一樣粗,我就回:那你的跟仙貝一樣啦!實在很鬧.不過我們兩個還真的有把干貝與仙貝當成一回事,在做作業的時候畫了一本繪本,叫干貝大戰仙貝,然後被老師收走了。

090. Ariya 插畫室


All of my artwork is based on watercolor painting. My style is as romantic and childish as fairy tales. Inspired by my journey around the world, recording the beauty of the world by painting. Illustration is not only drawing, but also has the power to walk into everyone’s heart and becomes a strength in our lives. From self-taught illustrator to a freelancer and a teacher, I wish this studio can be an inspiring one to lead people find their own style by creative exercises.

091. Gathery 共享城市藝廊

Gathery「共享城市藝廊」創立於2021,我們希望透過一面牆,串連起藝術家、店家、左鄰右舍,開啟意想不到的驚喜互動,只要你想得到的閒置牆面,都能邀請藝術家進駐。這不僅僅是一個實驗概念,更是以美感生活為目標的社會計畫,我們相信,每一件作品的展出,都能激發出城市中的創意能量 ;每一個閒置牆面的共享,都是培育文化底蘊的珍貴資源。牆面不再留白,增添城市色彩!

Gathery connect artists and shops in your neibourhood. Gathery was founded in 2021 with a mission to introduce the “shared” and the “circular” economy to the art industry in Taiwan, helping create a thriving eco-system between artists and art lovers both locally and internationally. We aims to create social impact and to elevate the art environment. Let’s unlock community interactions by transferring your wall as a shared art space!

092. 駱馬練習 llama practice


I draw about memories of travels, daily life and daydreams. Satisfying or not, each creation is a practice to translate myself.

093. 莫佳恩 JOYCE MO

莫佳恩JOYCE MO,畢業於國立台北藝術大學,擅長使用水彩作為創作媒材,喜歡在作品中插入各種經過安排的細節,希望觀者除了在水彩中看到水與色彩的呈現,也能看見作品中情感的流動,並在其中想像出畫中的故事,將生活與情感轉譯至作品中,雖然是個喜歡說故事的人,但更喜歡聽故事,歡迎觀者也與我分享你們的故事。

Joyce Mo is an artist who graduated from Tapei National University of the Arts and specializes in using water colour as her creative medium. Joyce is fond of positioning small, deliberate details in her work, wishing her audience would see not only the beautiful flows of water colors but also feel the stories and emotion behind her strokes. Joyce likes to tell her life stories with her paintbrush, and loves even more so to hear stories and experiences from her audience. Please feel welcomed say hi and share your stories with Joyce.

094. 鳥頭人 Bird Head Man

將生活經驗與心情感受, 透過簡單的線條與創意結合,將故事幽默的表達出來, 希望鳥頭人插畫能帶給大家一絲溫暖,和不經意的會心一笑。

Through the simple drawing and creativity chapter to combine the experience of life and heart feeling, hope the humor story of Bird Head Man may warm your heart and bring you joy and fun time.

095. 快樂鳥日子 HAPPY BIRD DAYS

happy bird days的宗旨為 - 正向 / 傳遞,並立志將藝術融合生活 , 也在實踐理想的同時 用這個品牌去幫助其他人。

096. 詹賀騰 HeTeng Zhan



自創插畫角色: 莎莎和班奈兔,把他們畫進生活中,喜歡到處塗鴉,牆壁、皮膚、畫布、布料、黏土、電繪、陶土,擅長介面設計、向量繪圖,藝術的創造就像夏日的翡翠檸檬成為了必需品。

Self-created illustrator characters: Sa Sa & Bennett,. I draw them into real life, and I love to do graffiti everywhere, wall, skin, canvas, cloth, clay, electric painting and clay. Iam good at interface design, vector drawing. The creation of art for me is like the Emerald Lemons in summer, what became a necessity.

098. Nacatamalien & MELS

Nacatamalien 是洪都拉斯自學的插畫家和畫家。他的作品受到身體表達,音樂和流動動作的啟發。他的插圖描繪了陰森和光怪陸離的圖片對照混沌的人類表達。因為他被舞蹈惡魔和重金屬音樂纏身,他的目標是給你看甜美暴力的願景。從外太空來的熱塔馬利。

“Nacatamalien is a Honduran self taught illustrator and painter. His work is inspired by music, and figurative expression. His illustrations portray the eerie and the grotesque in contrast with bright colors and emotion. Plagued by dancing devils and heavy metal, he aims to give you visions of sweet violence. Hot tamales from outer space.MELS is an interdisciplinary visual artist based in Asia Pacific. Known for bright colors, odd illustrations and stretched out letter stylings.”

099. 咪某 Meemawcats

台灣插畫品牌。Meemaw 是一群喜歡模仿人類角色和藝術品的貓,咪某的誕生源於對貓和藝術的熱愛。我很喜歡欣賞不同的藝術作品,不論是古典或當代,希望透過咪某和大家分享這份樂趣,沒有高超的技術或深奧的藝術史賞析,直覺從圖像與主題的觀看中聯想到的趣味與情節。藝術始終屬於生活,希望你們和我一起用輕鬆的眼光重新認識這些看似遙不可及的作品!除了繪畫,咪某也被製作成各種生活中的裝飾性的小物,希望藝術能更貼近生活,生活能過得更有藝術感。

Meemaw is a character I create for my love to cats and art. For me, art is not the privilege of museums and galleries but belongs to everyone’s daily life.  I find joy in looking at art works from ancient to modern times, and I would like to share this pleasure with others through Meemaw. 

100. 熊露西 LUCY


I never thought the desire to bring imagined scenarios from cartoons and RPGs to life would become a wild goose chase of skills and ideas, to one day be able to curate a narrative exactly as it felt in my head. I focus on translating sensations into narratives, often through contradictory motifs: gain and loss, freedom and restraint, acceptance and rejection. When you extend beyond two ideas, though, it becomes overwhelming to see that the strings’ connections are neverending. My art is a way of simplifying a certain human condition into one narrative for me to navigate through the complexity. I try my best to express the disoriented unhinged feelings into something comprehensible and concrete narratives as an outlet of frustration.

101. ArtverZ


102. Chloe


A product designer(UI/UX) with a background in art.
Love to express concepts in an allegorical way.
Want to convey some thinking value through illustration.



104. yesterday should be happy

畢業於倫敦藝術大學插畫研究所。2012成立粉絲專業粉絲專頁Yesterday should be happy至今,系列作品主要紀錄電視電影台不斷重播的電影,還有不斷背台詞中毒的自己。

105. 藝經 Art Murmur



The murmuring from worker in art industry, mocking and satirizing self-experience, exaggerates in a comical way. However, I still love my job.

2021 台北插畫藝術節系列講座:我的主打歌

10月到12月的周末,台北插畫藝術節系列對談中邀請到11位不同領域的創作者陣容共同參與。 這次,結合音樂的元素,創作者們個別選擇了他們的主打歌,而兩位以翻唱著稱的歌手 : 布朗先生、尤米澤,將帶來精采的現場演唱! 想知道創作者們是如何兼顧理想與現實 ? 藝術與插畫產業光鮮亮麗背後的各種辛酸 ? 藝術家們又是怎麼堅持在夢想的道路上,在產業中持續保持動力與熱情呢 ?5場對談中,與談者們將以輕鬆、愉快的聊天方式,分享他們在創作上那些鮮為人知的幕後大小事。這不是你傳統印象中的講座、但可能接近脫口秀、更可能是創作人的私人KTV同學會!你一定不能錯過本次系列對談 : 『我的主打歌』! 除了強大的藝術家戰隊與內容外,這裡還有美酒佳餚與音樂饗宴,等你/妳和我們一起度過五個周末夜晚,一起在 好丘 Chill 一下 ~


■ 主辦單位 | 自由人藝術公寓
■ 視覺設計 | 張家偉
■ 文案設計 | 陳柔含
■ 講座地點 | 好丘Good cho’s 信義店
■ 講座時間 | 10/31、11/13、11/20、11/27、12/04
■ 講座主持 | 顔寧志
■ 演唱歌手 | 布朗先生、尤米澤
■ 講者名單 | 林韋達、詹筱帆、黃米露、林彥良、鬍子大叔(林志恆)、阿尼斯特(左楚浩)、Yesterday should be happy、色長 、ARAY、消極男子。

對談主持人 :
顏寧志 Andy Yen | 簡介

台北插畫藝術節策展人 ,擅長藝術與產業的跨領域整合及商業媒合。擁有策展人與藝術家雙重身分的他,以系列作品『Organs without body』聞名,從駐村、展覽、跨領域整合,一直到策展與公、私部門的合作。於藝術產業經驗豐富、眼光獨到的他,將每項經歷視為他的作品,幻化成養分和力量,實現於推廣 #藝術大眾化 的目標 。

演唱歌手 ( 11/13 & 11/27 )
布朗 Brown Chiu | 簡介


演唱歌手 ( 10/ 31 & 11/ 20 & 12 / 4 )
尤米澤 | 簡介

長年累積創作能量,把生活歷練, 愛情,親情,友情寫進歌曲中 ,現場演唱,歌聲的渲染力,總能使聽眾被他富有生命力的聲音所吸引,進而喜愛上尤米澤的音樂。曾於2015 參加星光大道時,被當時的評審長陶晶瑩小姐說:「尤米澤只要一發聲,我就深深的愛上這個聲音。」2016 尤米澤發行首張創作EP 尤米澤「大故事家」。其中EP中的歌曲( Good night)更在facebook, 搭配影片(四分之三的故事)發行一周內, 點閱率破百萬。

場次一 10/31 (日)

我該如何跨界接案呢 ? 在接案上業主常常有不合理的要求,該如何是好 ?
『 酒後的心聲 』邀請林韋達、詹筱帆兩位成功斜槓的插畫家,進行一場輕鬆、微醺的酒後對談,聊聊透過插畫接案路上,那些大大小小的奇聞軼事。

林韋達 – Darling Darling art studio | 簡介

粉絲專頁 | 林 韋達|Darling Darling art studio
作品網頁 | https://www.behance.net/darlingdarlingart

詹筱帆 Chan hsiao­­­ – fan | 簡介

高雄人,台北藝術大學 美術系畢。現為全職插畫家,作品常見於書籍出版品及廣告。擅長手繪、女性題材,在創作、教學、接案中自在遊走。賣藝為生,靠右手和眼睛吃飯。與你我他一樣,樂於當社會中的一顆小螺絲。2021出版個人創作繪本『大人的童話-她』。
FB / 詹筱帆Chanhsiaofan Illustration 、 IG / chanhsiaofan 、 Youtube / 筱生活

場次二 11 / 13 (六)
19:00-21:00【 插畫家的全方面發展 】黃米露、林彥良BaNAna Lin


本次對談陣容邀請到小路映画主理人 : 黃米露,從公務員、企劃、創作,最終到插畫經濟及成立品牌,
BaNAna Lin主理人 : 林彥良則透過品牌與藝術跨足各大領域,擁有插畫設計、品牌設計、文字等,兼具多項才能的他,除了擔任Yotta 講師外,他又是如何和知名MV、大型藝術節與校園裝置藝術合作,並擔任國片插畫版的視覺設計師 ?
週六晚上的對談中,我們邀請你和與談人共同啜飲 2021台北插畫藝術節X 酉鬼啤酒限定酒款 :
『鬍子雪泡 Berry Milkshake IPA』在這款帶有莓果香氣、細緻白花與些許柑橘皮苦味,
以及奶香的大人版莓果奶昔中,和兩位聊聊 : 插畫家全方面發展的不同面貌。

黃米露 | 簡介

2021年起服務之插畫藝術家陣容有:Croter Hung、michun、徐至宏、丁原生以及夏仙。

林彥良BaNAna Lin | 簡介

於2006年創立獨立插畫設計品牌-「BaNAna Lin 阿蕉」,

場次三 11 / 20 (日)
19:00-21:00【日常生活的靈感啟發】鬍子大叔(林志恆) 、阿尼斯特(左楚浩)

『宅 』在既定印象中,帶有些許負面意涵,然而在本次邀請到的兩位『宅男系插畫家』 ,
如何創造角色IP ? 如何打造品牌 ? 如何成功創業 ?
本次對談邀請到擁有『幽默大師』之稱的鬍子大叔(林志恆),以及自思創造創辦人 : 阿尼斯特(左楚浩)
呈現出『宅男系插畫家』 們私下,與專訪中不同的面相 。

鬍子大叔(林志恆) | 簡介


阿尼斯特(左楚浩) | 簡介

自思創造有限公司 |
創意總監 左楚浩 | 經歷
華聖達拉鍊有限公司 / 產品設計師 , 香港商陽碩利華股份有限公司/ 產品設計師
橙果設計股份有限公司 / 設計實習 ,學業 亞洲大學創意商品設計系

場次四 11 / 27 (六)
19:00-21:00【讓我一次愛個夠】Yesterday should be happy 、小高潮色計事務所 色長

不論是已進入職場,或是還在求學階段,你熱愛今天的生活嗎 ? 是否已經遺忘昨日快樂的感覺,

『讓我一次愛個夠』邀請小高潮色計事務所主理人: 色長,
靠著熱情與努力,成功完成了許多看似不可能的任務,證明自己能靠著藝術創作生活,闖出自己的一片天 !
而另一位與談者,為插畫創作者『yesterday should be happy』,同樣充滿熱情的她,
『yesterday should be happy』過去也曾與嘖嘖合作,透過募資觸及更多受眾,將她的理念傳遞給更多觀者。
相同的是,她們都透過插畫書與創作傳遞自身熱愛的事物、創造屬於她們的價值 。
保有對生活的熱情、並持續在創作上創造高潮 !

Yesterday should be happy | 簡介

畢業於倫敦藝術大學插畫研究所。 2012成立粉絲專業粉絲專頁Yesterday should be happy 至今,

小高潮色計事務所 主理人 – 色長 | 簡介

( 2021年和大塊文化合作,出版了動物腥球圖鑑,介紹216種動物的交配行為)

場次五 12 / 4 (六)
19:00-21:00【 幽默也能當飯吃 ? 】ARAY 、消極男子

幽默也能當飯吃嗎 ? 我有可能將所追求的價值觀,透過圖文創作變現嗎 ?


ARAY | 簡介

A RAY,肥宅成癮,香菜厭惡,一個用藍色來畫畫的人。

消極男子 | 簡介


【 好丘 × 台北插畫藝術節 】場地介紹


門市位置:四四南村 / 台北市信義區松勤街54號 信義公民會館C棟門市
營業時間:週一~週五 11:00 ~ 20:00 / 例假日 11:00 ~ 21:00活動日:11:00 ~ 17:00

【2021 台北插畫藝術節論壇「插畫的未來與市場發展」】

活動資訊 |


■ 活動地點 | 誠品電影院(松菸) B廳
■ 活動時間 | 11/14 (日) 14:00-15:30、16:00-17:30

■ 第一場 | 14:00-15:30 「 插畫的未來:NFT能幹嘛 ? NFT 怎麼開始 ? 」
■ 講 者 | 董十行、洪司丞、賴致維(Kenny Lai)

■ 第二場 | 16:00-17:30 「 插畫的市場與發展:插畫是藝術嗎?」
■ 講 者 | 王宗欣 Cowper Wang、設計浪人 Chad Liu、劉旭圃

■ 主 持 | 顏寧志 Andy Yen
■ 單 位 | 自由人藝術公寓
■ 設 計 | 蔡毓芸、石珮慈
■ 文 案 | 陳柔含、黃蒞姍


2021 台北插畫藝術節論壇「插畫的未來與市場發展 | 活動介紹

14:00-15:30 第一場 插畫的未來

NFT能幹嘛 ? NFT 怎麼開始 ?各大媒體新聞上,藝術圈內、外大家都在熱烈談論的NFT是什麼 ?這麼多 NFT 相關平台和錢包,他們有什麼差異性呢? 我該如何選擇錢包 ?NFT對於未來藝術市場的影響力為何 ?

第一場『 插畫的未來:NFT能幹嘛 ? NFT 怎麼開始 ? 』論壇邀請到3位於數位與藝術專業領域的講者,包含擁有MOCA、CAWA等國際大型聯展經驗並被英國knownorigin平台審核過的NFT藝術家:洪司丞 、擅長將數位技術與科幻元素融合藝術,創造商業市場可能性,專注於2D與3D數位藝術的視覺藝術家 : 董十行 ,以及將影像輸出結合藝術,透過行銷手法與精準的產業洞察力,創造新興商業模式 ; Avocado(數位微噴輸出)創辦人 : 賴致維(Kenny Lai),來分享他們在數位藝術中,如何將實體藝術虛擬化並創造營收,而在數位藝術市場中,擁有豐富經驗的他們,又觀察到 NFT 對於未來藝術市場,會有什麼衝擊與影響。

講者 介紹 |

董十行 |

2D與3D數位藝術工作者 | 視覺藝術工作者台北人,視覺藝術工作者,橫跨2D與3D數位藝術,擅長將純藝術中的溫度結合數位技術創造多元的作品,擅長科幻、極簡和寫實的風格,合作廠商包含唱片公司、遊戲公司、設計公司、廣告公司、出版社、報社…等等,善於開發與整合商業與藝術的視覺關係,長期個人接案與創作中不斷嘗試和實驗將作品保持彈性的美感,賦予畫面更豐富的故事性和深度。

賴致維(Kenny Lai)|


洪司丞 |

NFT 藝術家、The Sandbox 創作者基金會成員、Binance Creator 的 100 位藝術家之一,曾參與多個 NFT 國際大型聯合展覽與項目,包含 MOCA、CAWA、ONBD、KO、Asyncart 等。

16:00-17:30 第二場 插畫的市場與發展:

插畫是藝術嗎?插畫可以算是藝術嗎 ? 它和純藝術之間有什麼區別?插畫的應用百百種,有什麼不同的利基市場 ? 我該如何為自身插畫品牌創造差異化 ?透過插畫於商業應用,未來在藝術市場有更多的發展與可能性嗎 ?

第二場『 插畫的市場與發展:插畫是藝術嗎?』論壇邀請獲得2021金曲獎「最佳MV」殊榮,dosomething studio創辦人兼新媒體藝術家王宗欣、經營台日設計自媒體,擅長策劃執行,設計發浪Designsurfing 主理人: 設計浪人 Chad Liu,以及擁有資訊背景,長期致力於藝術管理,朝代畫廊總監劉旭圃。在90分鐘裡,他們秉持多年於藝術市場的經驗,分享並探討插畫於藝術市場之定位、商業應用,以及如何透過插畫,在市場上創造更多機會與營收。有志從事插畫產業,或是已經在插畫產業的你/妳們,絕不容錯過。

講者 介紹 |

王宗欣 Cowper Wang |

王宗欣 Cowper Wang,藝術家、創意總監、品牌顧問,大學主修東方水墨,擅長新媒體創作,2008年創立dosomething studio設計團隊,曾執行台灣三金典禮視覺包裝,擁有許多商業跨界的經驗,近年也和流行音樂歌手炎亞綸、蛋堡⋯等合作,作品曾得過金曲獎最佳MV獎、Golden Pin Award、Re Dot Award、IF design Award、promaxBDA …等國際設計獎。

設計浪人 Chad Liu |

設計發浪主理人 .觀止堂日本代表 .中華民國工業設計協會理事15萬人追蹤的設計自媒體「設計發浪designsurfing」主理人。藝廊「觀止堂 Admira Gallery」日本代表。以獨特眼光挑選台日設計藝文資訊介紹、評論,並積極橋接台日創意工作者各種資源合作,企劃展覽、活動。也帶著藝術家作品到世界各地參與藝術博覽會展覽、販售。

劉旭圃 Paul Liu |

現任朝代畫廊總監、ONE ART Taipei執行團隊成員。大學主修資訊管理,後至北京研習藝術管理。與多國藝術家合作,具十餘年展覽策劃執行及國際藝博會經驗,曾於北京Boers-Li Gallery、Young Art Taipei、北京青年藝術100、社團法人中華民國畫廊協會等藝術機構任職。曾於2018年展出插畫家Jing You個展、2019年共同策劃前漫威首席視覺設計師Anthony Francisco首次來台個展,2021年締造Art Taipei創始以來首件NFT形式的實體作品銷售紀錄。

2021 台北插畫藝術節 | MY COVER SONG 演唱會

■ 活動地點 | 誠品電影院(松菸) B廳
■ 活動時間 | 2021/11/14(日) 19:00-20:30
■ 演唱歌手 | 雷御廷 、田廣潤KJ 、尤米澤 Ted Yu 、布朗 Brown Chiu
■ 主辦單位 | 自由人藝術公寓■ 視覺設計 | 許維真
■ 活動文案 | 陳柔含

活動介紹 |

2021第四屆台北插畫藝術節活動,為延伸策展主題『封面故事:Cover Story』,特別合作誠品店影院,於11/14(日)共同舉辦周邊演唱會活動『My Cover Song』 。

本次演唱會邀請到 4 位 才華洋溢、擅長不同曲風的斜槓專業歌手 :

從精通多項樂器、自學編曲、剪輯、拍攝、錄音有成,擅長藍調、電音曲風與中英流行Cover的雷御廷 Martyn Lei;同時經營軟體新創公司與歌手身份,兼具帥氣外表及豐富才華的田廣潤KJ;到把生活歷練、愛情與親情化為創作養分,歌聲與創作歌曲具有豐富渲染力與生命力,擁有「歌曲匠人」稱號的尤米澤 Ted Yu;以及喜愛揹著吉他在各個城市駐足,本職劇場行銷的Cover 歌手 : 布朗 Brown Chiu。

值得一提的是,本次演出歌曲皆為台北插畫藝術節策展人 : 顏寧志Andy Yen ,以近年電視及電影中,膾炙人口的經典好歌為主題,所策劃一系列精選Cover歌單。想知道策展人的創意靈感歌單 ? 或在一個半小時中,和我們一起 Chill 幾雷 嗎 ? 透過一首首好歌,歌手們將搭配插畫背景,用動人的音樂帶你去旅行。

?凡購買演唱會票,都會附上台北插畫藝術節的單日票,另外也有酉鬼啤酒、德希達咖啡套超值套票組 。不過這邊還是要提醒大家「 禁止酒駕,酒後不開車 安全有保障 」。


■ 誠品生活


■ 誠品電影院


■ 好丘 Good Cho’s

為了將《Simple Life 簡單生活節》的精神推動與延續,我們展開了一個新的嘗試,結合創作品牌與市集、音樂與文化展演、在地食材與輕食,策劃一個長期營運的生活型態空間─ 好丘在此,融合了當代人的生活與思維,進一步孵育出屬於台北這個地區特有文化與生活特徵的內容與製品;這些反映了一個城市當代的生活美學與風格,形塑與代表了一個城市在全球文明中的獨特性,更構成無法取代的迷人特質與吸引力。所以,我們期待所有美好的人、事、物都能聚集於此,匯聚成台北當代生活美學的另一個象徵。因此將此空間命名為〈好丘〉英文〈good cho’s〉亦是取 good choice 的諧音而來。

■ 酉鬼啤酒

酉鬼啤酒是新北五股的一間精釀小酒廠,成立於 2019 年,裡面聚集了紐西蘭美國台灣的喝酒好朋友 「酉鬼」就是「醜」,也是我們每一天的精釀日常。一杯好酒,需要好喝、好玩,還有好朋友。有了這些,就是精釀啤酒的好味道。而釀出一支好喝的酒中間種種醜陋的汗水與淚水,就留給酉鬼吧。我們好好釀,你們好好喝。讓酉鬼成為你十八歲以後認識的最讚朋友。 #但十八歲以前先不要

■ 老爺會館




■ 南港老爺行旅

老爺酒店集團旗下風格設計品牌「老爺行旅」,以the place為名,強調與飯店所在地意象文化的深度連結,並堅持「Fun、Fusion、Fashion」的品牌精神,2014年第一家行旅於台南開幕,接續宜蘭傳藝、台中大毅,2019年正式落腳台北。

■ CitizenM 世民酒店

citizenM 台北北門世民酒店是荷蘭潮牌 citizenM 在亞洲第一間的精品旅館。座落在台北市核心地帶北門,鄰近台北車站及西門商圈,交通便利,方便商務及觀光旅客出行。

■ 德希達咖啡

THETA 堅持提供天然食材,使用最自然的手法呈現食材本味。簡單擁有,享用天然。


創造了舒服自在的TEA HOUSE,人們在這享受真誠交流的人情味、體驗多元茶文化的樂趣!

■ 華聯生醫

臺灣專業醫療厰指名,盧廣仲、東奧 inside 羽球金牌、保時捷、BMW汎德台中、台北市捷運局等合作品牌。
專注維持嚴謹的醫療級生產品質,通過歐洲 CE 、美國 FDA 等國家認證,獲歐盟規範檢驗報告EN14683,國家檢驗標準CNS14774,SGS檢驗合格,並擁有台灣首創食品級水性顏料技術,為醫療產品注入設計元素及色彩變化,取得蠟筆小新、三麗歐等卡通IP授權,致力於客製化服務,展現出充滿個人風格的健康新態度。

■ 錦源興


■ 老虎牙子


■ Avocado


■ 灣得文創


■ 500輯

■ 初訪true from




FLiPER 取自英文單字 flip,意指翻轉、翻動,加上 er 的我們成了翻轉世界的人。我們相信,每個人心裡都有一塊想要翻轉、撞擊的地方,等待著內心發起小小革命的那一天。

■ La Vie

La Vie源自法文的「生活」,以獨特視角觀看設計與文化的各種面向,蒐羅全球最新設計與創意,綜觀生活文化新趨勢,掌握美學潮流的脈動,解析創意商業的策略,開拓綜合性「生活風格」媒體的全新版圖。
La Vie創立於 2004 年,身為台灣最具影響力的設計文化媒體,La Vie以「擁有國際視野,且能回望本地」的思考角度編輯產製,在關注新鮮事的同時,深入背後的文化脈絡,同時預告未來,提供兼具觀點與質感的內容,希望透過迷人的閱讀體驗,轉化為生活美學的行動力。

■ every little d.

every little d,有・細節的生活。生活風格,透過日常裡的一點一滴累積呈現出來。細節,是造成生活風格厚度的關鍵元素。一件西裝外套,價格從3,000到30,000,透過布料、剪裁、版型與針腳的細膩度而有不同。一台單車,價格從1,000到100,000,則由車架、輪軸、把手、煞車、花輪⋯⋯到設計整合度決定。一頓晚餐,價格從100到3,000,食材、刀工、火候、擺盤、服務、聲音、氣味到空間,所有細節說明了原因。每個物件都因為各種細節的差異而有著截然不同的樣貌呈現。我們希望透過一個「充滿細節」的媒體品牌,好好地說出屬於生活風格的醇厚故事。
Every little detail matters.

■ 妞新聞


■ DFUN設計風尚誌

DFUN做為一本設計領域的觀點雜誌,我們並不拒絕談設計個案,但更期待從個案本身找到為生活而設計的主張或社會承諾。 影響力也好、平庸的探討也好,我特別強調的是:一、不能是純設計觀點;二、談生活的改變而不單單是設計方法的創新本身;三、社會關懷的必要。 設計師,你是設計生活,設計產業,設計未來的人。

■ GagaOOLala


■ dpi設計插畫誌

美感有理,挑剔無罪。dpi 是台灣唯一插畫設計專業雜誌,在藝術領域深耕20年。我們曾經因紙本市場衰退,經歷低潮、休刊,如今注入新血、浴火重生。dpi將以全新面貌,持續帶給讀者滿滿的靈感與美好。我們都是視覺動物,就讓dpi成為你的美感探照燈。

■ 城市美學新態度KAIAK.tw


■ 台灣英文新聞


台灣英文新聞(Taiwan News)前身為China News,由第六任行政院新聞局長魏景蒙創立於1949年,這也是台灣第一份英語報紙。幾十年來秉持「為台灣人向國際發聲」(Voice of people,Bridge to the world)為己任。
因應數位化洪流,台灣英文新聞在九零年代末期新成立中英雙語新聞網站,領先同業,讀者遍及176個國家。為了更細膩地經營網路內容與社群及時互動,真正作到更好的「為台灣人向國際發聲」,Taiwan News英文版從2015年3月1日起,正式告別紙本,全心投入網路英文內容的經營,擴大社群媒體平台參與,英文網站有Facebook,還有Twitter、LinkedIn、與Google Plus,漢文網站有臉書。雙語網站在2016年秋天,進行全面改版,並優化行動設備閱讀界面,提供全球讀者優質閱讀饗宴。