2021 TIF 徵件藝術家 085 日 青 屾 行 Rì qīng shēn xíng

◆ 085. 日 青 屾 行  Rì qīng shēn xíng / FB: 日青屾行 / IG: baba__babu


Rì qīng shēn xíng is a sculpture studio run by Mr. Xiaolin and Toriko. Both of them have graduated from the Sculpture Department of National Taiwan University of Arts. They have had more than seven years of artistic experience specializing in metal and mixed media. In their everyday life, Mr. Xiaolin is particularly good at remodeling various materials and metal sculptures of different sizes. As for Toriko. she specializes in mixed media illustrations and the general affairs of the studio. At this time, the studio focuses on a jointly developed series of paper sculptures inspired by illustrations as our main product. Through combining Toriko’s style of line art illustrations and Mr. Xiaolin’s specialization in part-built models, we have produced a warming series of mixed media creations. The exhibition this time centers the story background at The Secluded Forest while making the quirky Fairy Bird as the protagonist.