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每年固定台北舉辦,以在地連結國際的插畫藝術展會。 Taipei illustration Fair is a platform for Taiwan illustrators every year to link local and international.


◆ 073. RACHEL YANG / MSRYSTUDIO / FB: Msrystudio / IG: msrystudio

「想要擁有一個屬於自己的空間,不管外面多麼紛擾,我還是想回到一個只屬於我的地方,好好喘息,就是我的家。」Rachel Yang 瑞秋是插畫家及印花設計師。她擅長數位創作及喜好飽和、明亮和對比鮮明的色彩,尤其是她時常探索現代與自然間的平衡,她的創作啟發於近十年來多國的旅行和重回台灣的生活,重視與自己不同的文化和事物。生活中充滿了細節,等待她探索發現,並在她的作品中表現出來。在這次她的首展中,展示出她如何運用插畫到設計出現代新穎的波希米亞熱帶風情的連續印花,並使用在實際可以使用的布料、鞋子、家飾品及包裝產品上。而最後她更是反推這些概念回到了她的插畫作品中,塑照出理想居家風格的明信片、卡片和海報上,以她自己的步調,慢慢地將 MSRY 這個插畫及印花品牌變得更全面,並傳遞出一個理想安居樂家的想法給對家都有個夢想的各位。

” I want to have a space of mine no matter how turbulent outside. I still want to return to a place that belongs only to me, take a good breath in My Home.”Rachel Yang is a freelance surface pattern designer who focuses on experimenting with colors and organic elements to give nature a modern look. She values not only the inspiration from a decade of global traveling and bringing those precious memories into patterns, but also exploring around the neighborhood streets to find her design spark which brings immense joy to her work. Rachel’s creative journey started with fashion design and has ended in her true calling – pattern design and illustration.In this her first exhibition, she showed how she used illustrations to design modern and tropical bohemian prints for textiles, shoes, home decor, jewelry, and packaging products.   In the end, she reversed these concepts into her illustration works, sculpting the ideal home-style postcards, greeting cards, and posters. At her own pace, she slowly transformed MSRY, an illustration and surface pattern design brand, into a better one. Comprehensively and convey the idea of an ideal peaceful home to everyone who has a dream for a home.


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