2021 TIF 徵件藝術家 061 SEAN藝術設計聯合工作室—『醉後世界』SEAN Art Design Joint Studio-“The World After Drunk”

◆ 061. SEAN藝術設計聯合工作室—『醉後世界』SEAN Art Design Joint Studio-“The World After Drunk” / FB: 羅敏育 / IG: sean.artdesigner


Lo , born on August 19th, 1985, is a Leo with blood type O.He can’t function normally without a full sleep of 8 and a half hours. He is known as a slashes who can do computer aided design, a bass player of an underground band called Sideffect and Dying Chelsea, and is ,on top of that, also a father of 8 dogs and 17 cats. Graduating from Fu-Hsin Trade & Arts School Lo went on major in Visual Communication Design  of Jinwen University of Science and Technology. He is currently engaging in Corporate Identity, business design, art illustration and website design. He now owns a multipurpose design studio. Lo is very much good at picture associating and line drawing. He loves to remove the boundary between art and design with blurring, combining the two or even with an completely different aspect. He believes, “ What makes the best design is the richness and abundance of art. And what makes great art is the ingenuity of design. “ This time, Lo is invited to join this exhibition” the world of hangover” , and he would love to enrich people’s mind of the interdependent relationship between art and design in a humorous yet mind-blowing  way.