2021 TIF 徵件藝術家 057 只會亂畫 Jrhueiii

◆ 057. 只會亂畫 Jrhueiii / FB: 只會亂畫 Jrhueiii / IG: jrhueiii


I am Jrhuei, and I was born in 1998. I was named 「芷卉」because among the names the fortune teller provided, it’s the one with the least strokes. I like to introduce myself as 「只會」(can only), the words pronounced the same as my mandarin name, because it’s funnier and more impressive to say so. Also, I name myself 「只會亂畫」due to that I was afraid of failing when first time caricaturing. When creating my works, I like to draw some yellow chubby figures and A-gui, especially them in mountains or them exploring the world. I hope one day more people will know them!

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