2021 TIF 徵件藝術家 043 Thisis Yali

◆ 043. Thisis Yali / FB: Thisis Yali / IG: chenyaliillustration

Thisis Yali 插畫設計工作室成立於2020,創作者陳亞立在接案教書之餘也透過個人創作抒發生活中的微哲理。時而溫柔時而瘋狂的女孩常常是作品中的主角,主題囊括人物、植物、3D復古物件。不定期生產限量插畫周邊如月曆、孔版海報、貼紙、印花等小物,享受將產品如禮物般的交到消費者手中的過程,並相信透過插畫的力量每個人都可以找到生活中的一些火花!

Thisis Yali Illustration & Design Studio founded in early 2020.  Funder and the creator Chen Yali works on self published illustration art work other than freelancing and teaching. Illustration are often are life experience inspired situation. The studio published calendar, riso print, stickers and many other design good. It’s a happy process from making the design to handing the final product to the customer as a gift. We stronger believe that everyone can find some sparkle in life through the power of illustration!