2021 TIF 徵件藝術家 004 夏泠凌 eue-teeng

◆ 004.夏泠凌 eue-teeng / FB:就是喜歡畫畫和說話-夏泠凌 / IG:eue.teeng.illustration


My name is Charlene Ling.I have been interested in painting since I was a child, but because of the reality, I went all the way to business and worked as an accountant for two years after graduating from college.Feeling that life could not go on like this, I left everything I had at the time and went to a studio for seven months to learn to paint.Enrolled in‑service education program at the National Taiwan University of the Arts, and has now graduated.Currently, I am still working as an accountant in order to make a living, but in order to have more time to create, I choose to work part-time and continue to work hard to move forward as a professional illustrator.