2020 TIF 徵件藝術家 Joe Chen Art 陳興仲

■ 90-Joe Chen Art 陳興仲

於2020創立 Joe Chen Art 工作室,喜歡藝術感強烈的創作作品,常於作品中摻入許多隱藏符碼及視覺語彙,增加作品表象之下更多層次的意義;近期都在山岳之間尋求靈感,做為修行和偷懶的藉口,年底進城露個臉。


Chen Hsing Chung , From Taiwan, Kaohsiung. In his childhood, he lives beside the industrial zone, and he was interest in aesthetics. When he was in college, majored in art and design, especially love visual art or the work which has art emotion. As he creates, always try to think about the relation of viewer and the work. Not only that, he also hope they have interaction. 

He works insert a lot of oblique codes and visual vocabularies to add more hidden meanings to let work can ruminate over and over again.