2020 TIF 徵件藝術家 邱乙雯 Ewan Chiu

■ 61-邱乙雯 Ewan Chiu

我是一部招牌掛著正經扛棒但展示的是不正經內心小宇宙的快餐車 (笑)

I’m a fast food truck with a signboard with a serious sign but showing a small inner universe that is not serious (LOL).

我想大家都有自己的古怪難以解釋的一面,有的可以直接溝通表達就可以,但有的是無法的,會整個沒ㄈ一ㄨ。所以我想要把我無法口頭表達的一面 (其實根本就是無釐頭哈哈哈) 透過我的畫和所有人之無法口頭表達的那一面交流溝通。

I think everyone has their own weird and unexplainable side. Some can communicate and express directly, but some are impossible, and they will not feel the whole thing. So I want to show the side that I can’t express (in fact, it’s irrational LOL) through my paintings and communicate with the side that everyone can’t express directly.

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