2020 TIF 徵件藝術家 Shelly Lu ☻ 雪莉盧

■ 50-Shelly Lu ☻ 雪莉盧

嗨!我是雪莉盧 ☻ 盧雪莉,喜歡把身邊的事物都變成人物。身份百百種,如要跟隨地球人的說法,會說自己是包裝設計宅,手繪風格的插畫家,愛打鼓的業餘者,選擇蔬食的動物迷,但其實就是在永和長大的盧雪莉。

Hey hey! Shelly Lu’s here, an illustrator who enjoys bringing everything around her alive.I would call myself a package design nerd, an illustration creator, an amateur drummer, and an animal-lover vegan. Many identities, but it’s just the Shelly Lu who was born and raised in the sweet little area in Yonghe, Taiwan. @shellylufamily is where I am Shelly, @shellylufolios is where I create works, and I randomly share food on @shellylufoodie.

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