2020 TIF 徵件藝術家 SHUMA

■ 38-SHUMA

在台北長大,於國立臺南大學視覺藝術設計系畢業,目前在美國生活並進行自由創作中。作品圍繞著自己的幻想世界,裡面有著各種千奇百怪的生物與植物 ,而這些小生命在這世界裡建立起許多不同的文明與社會。藝術家Shuma就如同這些世界的觀察者,記錄著這世界的變化與成長。

Taipei is the city where I grew up. I received my BFA in visual art and design from the National University of Tainan. In the past three years, I have been working and living in the United States as a freelance artist. I am very much inspired by my surroundings and I often like to mix what is happening around me with imagination. In my creative and imaginary world, there are various fictional plants and animal species forming their systems of living.The artist, Shuma, records all the growth and activities in that world as an observer.

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