2020 TIF 徵件藝術家 江瓴安Ling-An Jiang

27-江瓴安Ling-An Jiang

江瓴安Jiang Ling An,畢業於實踐大學服裝設計系,曾任服裝設計師,於2019年致力於藝術插畫創作。從小習舞習畫,養成了一副天馬行空及古靈精怪的筋骨。總是渴望在變動中尋求安定,安定中尋求變動,也喜歡觀察環境與人之間的對話。繪畫風格擅長幾何分割,且將物品在虛實之間作轉換。

Ling-An Jiang, graguated from Shih Chien University with a bachelor degree in fashion design. Used to be a activewear designer, she devoted her time to artistic creation and illustration because of the passion for painting . She is cultivated good sense of art by painting and dancing since her childhood and it make her creative and clever-minded. Due to her life expenrience, she always likes to seek stable in changing situation and also seek flexible thinking as the settled life. Ling-An’s paintings emphasize geometry design for objects to divide pictures and make the objects various between virtual and reality.