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每年固定台北舉辦,以在地連結國際的插畫藝術展會。 Taipei illustration Fair is a platform for Taiwan illustrators every year to link local and international.

2019 台北插畫藝術節 徵件插畫創作者:擺渡鳥IntrovertDreamer




IntrovertDreamer (Tien) was a girl used to work with words more than colors. After graduation, she set out the journey of pursuing her passion for life and found it lies in art and illustration. She was especially drawn to the unique narrative voice illustration can create and the wide range of possibilities illustration plays around with.

Tien learned how to embrace art in Lucy Chen’s creative art courses. She officially started her career in 2018 and was one of the shortlisted artists of 2020 Asia Illustrations Annual Awards Art Exhibition. Now she mainly does hand-drawings and keeps on experimenting with new ideas.

【 2019 台北插畫藝術節 預售票券熱烈販售中 】

第二屆。台北插畫藝術節 2nd Taipei Illustration Fair

大眾展期|2019.12.20(五) – 12.22(日)10:30 – 19:00
媒體嘉賓|2019.12.19(四)14:00 – 19:00
展覽地點|松山文創園區 北向製菸工廠


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