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2021 TIF 徵件藝術家 020 YiJie Chen 陳依婕

◆ 020. YiJie Chen 陳依婕 / FB:YiJie Chen 陳依婕/

YiJie Chen (陳依婕) 是一位榮獲國際獎項肯定的自由職業插畫師。因抵擋不了對於創作的浪漫衝動,而走上大器晚成的藝術創作一途。她於英國愛丁堡藝術學院取得插畫碩士學位。作品描繪著形色個性鮮明的人物,透過其肢體與表情絲毫地流露情感。遊樂園般歡樂的用色與場景描述著後資本主義下人淪為商品本身。偏好自然媒材的筆觸質地與電繪的交織結合。作品於世界各地展出。

YiJie Chen is an award winning freelance illustrator from Taiwan. She graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland, with a MFA in Illustration. Her works express an evocative tone of distinctive surrealism with delicate textures of line and colour. She enjoys making images with a juxtaposition of tranquility and richness, rationality and emotion. Her works are joyful as the colors and scenario in amusement parks, while they creepily talk about people become products in the post-consumerism.

2021 TIF 徵件藝術家 019 Moray Studio / Chiehyu Yeh

◆ 019. Moray Studio / Chiehyu Yeh  / FB: Moray Studio / IG: moray_fish

我是Moray Studio的Chiehyu Yeh,畢業於加州藝術學院插畫學系。著迷於奇幻古怪的插畫題材及童話魔法有關的元素,喜愛使用細膩線條表現作品。

Chieh-yu Yeh is a Taiwanese illustrator currently based in Taiwan. She graduated from California College of the Arts with a BFA in Illustration. Chieh- yu uses both traditional and digital techniques, especially the combination of the water-based medium and digital medium. She is interested in fantasy and bizarre themes; shows her works by using delicate style and colors. Her skills include illustration, surface design, graphic design, and painting.

2021 TIF 徵件藝術家 018 孫開緒Tommy Sun, 林昀 Lisa Lin

◆ 018. 孫開緒Tommy Sun, 林昀 Lisa Lin / IG: tommysunkh 、IG: lisaartandcraft


We were classmates, we became friends because of our interest. Both of us show great passion for visual art. Through illustration and story, we found painting and drawing has influenced our life a lot. We began to realize how important it is to be enthusiastic about something we both loved. We hope this opportunity of the exhibition can uncover the mysterious perspectives of flowers and animals.

2021 TIF 徵件藝術家 017 RouPin (阿頻)

◆ 017. RouPin (阿頻)  / IG: roupin_art

從小就想成為藝術家,不過保守的我, 選擇進入設計領域,大學畢業於工業設計系,為了不讓人生留下遺憾,決定先去追夢!在美術系研究所闖蕩了一學年,那段時光過的虛幻又真實,虛幻是陶醉在自己的理想中,真實是「我在幹嘛,還是去工作吧!」現在是個朝九晚五的上班族,以自己的步調持續在創作著,我似乎把自己的人生當作是一場藝術實驗。在2020年建立起外星世界觀,開始進行相關創作,以水彩、水性蠟筆作為媒材,一直以來都是默默地進行創作,直到2021年發起「外星計畫X捐助浪浪們」藝術公益計畫,與他人串連起來並得到正面迴響,時常會反問自己,藝術究竟能帶來什麼,為什麼要這麼執著?我想就是期待有這麼意想不到的驚喜吧!

2021 TIF 徵件藝術家 015 watermumu 瓦特&G米花

◆  015.watermumu 瓦特&G米花 / FB: water_mumu / IG: water_mumu


“watermumu” is taken from the chinese word “Hsiang” in my name. Since the personality likes to share things, I created a watermumu community with the  character Water and its pet. My creativity included many creations, such as the community contains all kinds of people. The style of painting is based on cute, color, and distinctive faces, and usually focuses on life sharing and healing pictures. Painting always gives self-healing and satisfaction. I want to keep walking on, and sharing my favorite creations, hopefully, one day my work can bring strength to everyone.

2021 TIF 徵件藝術家 016 Shuma Art

◆  016. Shuma Art / FB:SHUMA / IG: shu_artproject

台裔美國藝術家,目前留居於美國加州從事自由接案創作相關工作中。2019年成立SHUMA ART Studio, 創作以一個架空世界觀為主的一系列作品。作品中,擅長使用大自然及自己獨創的動物們去描寫內心的理想國度。這些角色們所營造出的世界與故事,反映著藝術家從現實中體會到的心情,以及腦中幻想之間的衝突。 喜歡用鮮亮的顏色去包覆畫裡的氛圍,透過筆刷的一層層堆疊去描繪虛幻國度的生命力。使用媒材多以壓克力及廣告顏料等媒材展現,也有部分作品以數位繪圖為表現手法。

Taiwanese American artist. I’m a freelance artist and illustrator in Los Angeles, California. In 2019, I set up SHUMA Art Studio. My art works are based on a fictional universe which has some unique lives and nature I created. These characters built up the utopia and stories which represent the reflection of my emotion from the conflict between the reality and illusion. I like to use bright color to be the atmosphere and make multiple layers by brush to represent the vitality in the utopia. Acrylic painting and gouache are my favorite materials to use in my artworks. Sometimes my part of artworks are made by the digital painting.

2021 TIF 徵件藝術家 013 FINN的超炫水果盒 FINN’S FRUIT BOX

◆013. FINN的超炫水果盒 FINN’S FRUIT BOX / IG: finnnhuman


《FINN’S FRUIT BOX》is like a cartoon I play in my head, where I make up stories between a group of fruity animals, Froggy the frog, and Finney the little girl.

2021 TIF 徵件藝術家 012 澤澤貓 sawacat

◆012.澤澤貓 sawacat / FB:澤澤貓 / IG:sawacat619

Hi 大家好 我是澤澤貓  可愛萌萌插畫家
我是一隻兔子 愛吃雞排喔喵

澤澤貓是一隻暖心 童趣的角色

Hi everyone, I’m sawacat, cutest illustrator
I’m a rabbit, I love chicken chops
sawacat is a heart-warming and childlike character
Although he is a cat, because he does not want to be defined by appearance, sawacat thinks he is a rabbit
He wants to meet friends with the look and uniqueness he wants

2021 TIF 徵件藝術家 011 InkSundae

◆ 011. InkSundae/ IG: inksundae

生活充滿著各種可能性與變化,由 InkSundae 的小故事,你可能看到平日忽視了的事物、未曾發現的自我內心、或是找到解決煩惱的啟發。當我們更了解自己,不論是美好的還是黑暗的,我們才能繼續向前走。 InkSundae 希望以小小的塗鴉,替你辛勞的日子注入一點能量。

Life is full of possibilities and variations. Through the stories of InkSundae, you may see this fabulous world from a slightly different view. The more we understand ourselves, no matter it is bright or dark, the more we can move forward. InkSundae would like to fuel you up like a refreshing sundae, with some tiny doodles.

2021 TIF 徵件藝術家 010 猴人魚Monkey Mermaid

◆ 010.猴人魚Monkey Mermaid / FB:猴人魚 / IG:monkey_mermaid_

喜歡把畫面塞滿,在細節中藏巧思,想讓他人在畫面裡找故事。透過生活中的各種靈感與經歷,經由插畫創作,轉換成天馬行空的有趣故事。 雖然生活忙碌的一成不變,但繪畫為我的生命填上了豐富的色彩。我喜愛繪畫,且會一直畫下去。

I like to put a lot of details and passion into my creation. Each piece of my artwork has stories hidden inside its frame. Illustration for me is a process and is really fun and interesting. I turn my ordinary daily life into surreal pieces of work through illustration, and the progress always add colours back into my life. I enjoy being an illustrator and will definitely continue drawing and painting to put more meanings into the world.

2021 TIF 徵件藝術家 009 MIYU 秘秘

 ◆ 009.MIYU 秘秘/ FB:周秘羽 / IG:maxine.miyu_pid


Recording daily and stories.
Recounting imagination and expectation.
Radiating healing and cutie.
Keep walking.
Hoping that if you see my illustration Inadvertently,
you can get something of me(ノ´∀`)

2021 TIF 徵件藝術家 008 UMA Freaky Freaky

◆ 008.UMA Freaky Freaky/ IG:freaky_the1998

喜歡觀察這個世界 不擅言詞 所以將我的靈魂與愛

The orange addicted optimistic Sagittarius
I like observing the world and I’m not good at words, so I put my soul and love
Expressed in my work
Bring the world into my filter!

2021 TIF 徵件藝術家 006 耶 yeah studio

◆ 006.耶 yeah studio  /FB: Yeah studio /IG: yeahzstudio

WOOSAH!yeah studio是我在地球的太空車,我常藉由它享受這個世界尋找有趣又酷的人事物,再利用自己的畫筆轉換成有趣多面向的故事,呈現在大家眼前希望讓喜歡的人都能擁有,也想在短暫的生命裡留下一點自己的痕跡。如果有收聽到這則留言請努力記得我並且趕緊搭上我的太空車一起體驗…#$%^&*…我創造有趣又怪奇的新宇宙…

“Yeah Studio” being my Earth spaceship, always helps me, explore the world and some interesting stuff. After that, turning these experiences into many multi-faceted stories, which will be presented to the public and for those who adore also possess. I wonder to leave my footprint and record every step of my short life. If you hear this message, please try to remember me and get on my ship enjoying together… #$%^&*… I create a new and mind blown universe…

2021 TIF 徵件藝術家 003 zhuzustep

◆ 003.zhuzustep / IG:zhuzu_step


2021 TIF 徵件藝術家 005 無臉男女 No Face Couple

◆ 005.無臉男女 No Face Couple / FB:無臉男女/ IG:no_face_couple

以「無臉」示人,談「男女」之事。無臉男女是分享影視劇集為主的插畫文章,以主題式的圖文與讀者一同反思影劇帶給我們的人生課題。命名為「無臉男女」,主張影劇角色沒有特定面孔,我們之所以會隨著劇情而哭而笑,是因為將自己或身旁的人事物帶入角色。透過每週一篇的插畫文章,希望讓每位讀者或許感動或許會心一笑,或許知道了一部好影劇而回頭補上。總之,我們並不期盼成為鎂光燈底下閃閃發光的 IP 角色,而是成為讀者與優秀影劇間的溝通橋樑。

2021 TIF 徵件藝術家 004 夏泠凌 eue-teeng

◆ 004.夏泠凌 eue-teeng / FB:就是喜歡畫畫和說話-夏泠凌 / IG:eue.teeng.illustration


My name is Charlene Ling.I have been interested in painting since I was a child, but because of the reality, I went all the way to business and worked as an accountant for two years after graduating from college.Feeling that life could not go on like this, I left everything I had at the time and went to a studio for seven months to learn to paint.Enrolled in‑service education program at the National Taiwan University of the Arts, and has now graduated.Currently, I am still working as an accountant in order to make a living, but in order to have more time to create, I choose to work part-time and continue to work hard to move forward as a professional illustrator.

2021 TIF 徵件藝術家 002 蕭伊珊 Esther Xiao

002.蕭伊珊 Esther Xiao / FB: 開放式辦公室 / 蕭伊珊 / IG: estherxiaooo


Her work style is mysterious and surreal. She used to presented in a jumping and obscure way, as well as combined with delicate brushstrokes to convey warmth and inspire a connection with viewers.

2021 TIF 徵件藝術家 001嘰哩呱啦真 Yun Chen

◆ 001.嘰哩呱啦真 Yun Chen /FB:嘰哩呱啦真 Yun Chen /IG: mr_rock0403