ABOUT 台北插畫藝術節 Taipei Illustration Fair



” Illustration ” is a kind of artistic expression combining artistic creation and writing, non-language and language, and has the disseminative nature of “narrative” inner thinking.

” Taipei Illustration Fair ”  create an illustration art exhibition that is part of Taipei City and Taiwan’s local and international Illustration activity.

Through the annual thematic curatorial solicitations, the works are presented to local and foreign illustration creators, and reward systems are designed to encourage and support illustration creation. we hope this fair of illustrations belonging to the city of Taipei has become a regular event held at a normal state. It will bring together outstanding illustrators to share the benefits of illustrations and promote the virtuous circle of illustrator industry. ” Illustration is not just illustration. “

第五屆 台北插畫藝術節 策展主題:「時尚動物園

2018 年,某國際知名精品服裝品牌於秋冬大秀上,邀請眾模特兒提著人頭,進行一場帶來視覺衝擊 既詭譎又精彩駭人的時尚展演。而這年恰巧為第一屆台北插畫藝術節:台灣在地常態型插畫展會的發源年。

「 不再一昧追求社會認同後,我們便能做真實的自己。」該場大秀鼓勵觀眾可以找到真正的自我與 風格、自在地做自己。呼應台北插畫藝術節的願景「 讓插畫不再只是插畫。 」台北插畫藝術節每年發掘多元、相異獨特的插畫風格,為創作者設立展演之平台作為團隊致力的目標,今年著重在時尚插畫的主題作為基調。

在 Web3.0 時代,大環境追求著「去中心化」、「降低成本」與「簡化流程」; 而在時尚產業中「快時尚系統」與「皮毛面料」造成的環境傷害,帶來的嚴重衝擊。造就了反方,支持「永續時尚」的大批群眾。 舉行至第五屆,如何永續地發展,又能在初衷不變之下,做出差異化並於求新求變 ? 若衣服為人類的包裝,褪去包裝之後我們剩下的是什麼?或許有天我們可能成為動物的「包裝」? 2022台北插畫藝術節邀請創作者以插畫、藝術創作表現不同的自我風格,追求深層的自我, 藉由「內在驅動力」不斷地省思及追求自我風格,透過插畫藝術在動物園中展現最真實、時尚的自己。

The 5th ” Taipei Illustration Fair “
Curatorial subject: ” Fashion Zoo”

In 2018, an internationally renowned boutique clothing brand invited models to carry the heads during a visually stunning, fall-winter fashion show. This year coincided with the birth of the first Taipei Illustration fair : Taiwan’s local and permanent illustration exhibition.   “ After we stop seeking social approval, we can be true to ourselves.”  The fashion show encouraged the audience to find their  true self, their own style, and dare to be themselves.   

To correspond with the vision of the Taipei Illustration Fair, “Let illustration no longer be just illustration.”  As an every year goal, our team put efforts on finding diverse and unique illustration styles, and setting  up an exhibit platform for the creators.  

In the Web 3.0 era, the environment is pursuing “de-centering,” “cost reduction,” and “process simplification,”. While in the fashion industry, the environmental damage caused by “fast fashion systems” and “animal leather”, has had a serious impact. These several reasons create a countervailing mass of people who support “sustainable fashion”. 

In the 5th Taipei illustration fair, We are thinking about how to stay gold than grow sustainably and also differentiate, and also  seeking new ideas and changes.  If the clothes are seen as packaging for human, then what are we left with after the packaging is removed?  

Or maybe one day we may become the ” packaging ” of animals?  In 2022 Taipei illustration fair, we invite creators to express different styles of self through illustration and art creation, and to pursue their deeper self. Through the “inner drive”, we constantly reflect and pursue our own style, and through the art and illustration, we show the most real and fashionable version of ourselves in the zoo.     

大眾展期|2022年12月16日(五) 14:00 – 20:00
大眾展期|2022年12月17日(六) 11:00 – 19:00
大眾展期|2022年12月18日(日) 11:00 – 19:00

媒體嘉賓|2022年12月16日(五) 12:00 – 14:00

展覽地點|松山文創園區 北向製菸工廠