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每年固定台北舉辦,以在地連結國際的插畫藝術展會。 Taipei illustration Fair is a platform for Taiwan illustrators every year to link local and international.

ABOUT 台北插畫藝術節 Taipei Illustration Fair

2023 台北插畫藝術節玄之又玄 」6th Taipei Illustration Fair- Mystery Of Occult

大眾展期|2023年12月08日(五) 14:00 – 20:00
大眾展期|2023年12月09日(六) 11:00 – 19:00
大眾展期|2023年12月10日(日) 11:00 – 19:00
媒體嘉賓|2023年12月08日(五) 12:00 – 14:00

展覽地點|松山文創園區 北向製菸工廠


「 我們總追尋著光明,期望它能引領我們到嚮往之處。 」我是誰 ? 我是什麼?「 智慧的第一要點是辨別哪些是假的,第二點才是知道哪些是真的。」- 教父坦修斯



Mystery Of Occult

“We always look for the light, hoping it will lead us to where we want to be. “ Who am I? What am I?

In our search for hidden knowledge and self, we blindly pursue the light and happiness at the end of the tunnel through various methods and channels. The essence of occultism discusses the nature of matter and things.

Just as the Taipei Illustration Art Festival curates and discusses different themes every year, The ultimate goal is still FOCUS ON the creators and their WORKS. When we are well-fed and well-clothed, than we will search for our superego, and struggle to satisfy our desires. When the mind and body are spiritually rich, then we further explore the “spirit”, which is the “unknown mystery world” of the self.

The 6th Taipei Illustration FAIR uses illustration as a medium to lead people to explore the ” Occult “. In fact, what we seek for “Occult” is only THE “hidden knowledge”. Through the illustration, we combine four major fields in occult : cosmology, mysticism, prediction and magic; presenting them with common divination, tarot cards, magic, psychological tests, etc. Let illustration not just illustration!



” Illustration ” is a kind of artistic expression combining artistic creation and writing, non-language and language, and has the disseminative nature of “narrative” inner thinking.

” Taipei Illustration Fair ”  create an illustration art exhibition that is part of Taipei City and Taiwan’s local and international Illustration activity.

Through the annual thematic curatorial solicitations, the works are presented to local and foreign illustration creators, and reward systems are designed to encourage and support illustration creation. we hope this fair of illustrations belonging to the city of Taipei has become a regular event held at a normal state. It will bring together outstanding illustrators to share the benefits of illustrations and promote the virtuous circle of illustrator industry. ” Illustration is not just illustration. “